Book Review – Beauty Becomes You (Beauty #4) – Skye Warren

With an attraction so deep they had to act on it. With respect so strong they’d been careful and mindful and joyful every step of the way.

I can’t believe this is the end of Blake and Erin 😦 I liked book #1, Beauty Touched the Beast. It was one of those books that are sweet steamy fillers in between large dark ones 😉 But then I read book #2, Beneath the Beauty and this was no longer a filler – I became invested in their story. It went from the scarred older guy with the sweet younger girl, to so much more. I actually begged the author for book #3, Broken Beauty, which I enjoyed though nowhere as much as book #2. And now we have book #4, the last book in this series, Beauty Becomes You.

So in this fourth and last installment, Blake and Erin are still together. Blake is still Erin’s professor and though they love each other, though the risk of being caught has been averted, Blake feels some time apart is needed…. until Erin graduates that is.

I loved loved this installment. I’ve had varying degrees of love for all the books but this is up there with book #2. Possibly surpassed it. The entire series, and this is no different, were the kinds of books that I love so much but I can’t quite put my finger on just one thing. I want to say it’s just the feeling I get but that doesn’t cut it for a review 🙂 so I’ll try. I mostly loved Blake. He’s so different from the men I read about. He’s protective, he’s kind, sexy as hell and alpha when he needs to be, but he’s also vulnerable. His scars have made him vulnerable. His suffering has made him vulnerable. And so while the steamy scenes are uber steamy… they also have that undercurrent of vulnerability. He doesn’t think he deserves her but more so, he’s not afraid to show it… and it’s a beautiful sight… well in my minds eye it is 🙂

She needed to understand. This was how it would be, him leading and her placid. It was the only way he could worship her properly, because if she spoke a single word, he’d obey.

I love a sensitive man… he was just so in love with her it was beautiful to read. I did wish, not only in this installment but in the series as a whole, that the conflicts could have been explored more. The angle with ‘getting caught’ in book #3, the ‘Doug’ angle in book #4 could have been drawn out just a bit more… of course these are things that have been explored in countless books and maybe that’s why the author chose not to drag it out, but I wished for a different kind of angst. I will say that book #4, and indeed the series as a whole, has that sweet/sad kind of angst. I’ve no other way to describe it. It just feels good. Like having an itch that you can’t reach, until you do.

All in all, a series of short installments that became a guilty pleasure and come highly recommended.

4.5 stars

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beauty becomes you

Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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5 Responses to Book Review – Beauty Becomes You (Beauty #4) – Skye Warren

  1. lita thomas says:

    Love this series.

  2. Kelly says:

    I haven’t started this series yet but I have the first book. Please tell me this isn’t another annoying series where he is pushing her away most of the time though…because that gets old fast.

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