Book Review – Bond Confessions (Confessions Collection Vol. #2, Nov. 1) – Leila DeSint

After the end that was Confessions Collection Vol. #1, I was dying to see what would happen next! In Bond Confessions we again meet the Politician, the Philanthropist and the Daughter… despite this one being a novella (and you have to read the ones before), so many things happen! But I’ll try keep it as spoiler free as possible 🙂

Confessions of a Politican

Caden is still after Desniah. She was and still is the love of his life. This time we go way back. We find out even more about their past together. How Caden fell in love with Desniah. How he watched her change, yet he could not tell what the reason was for her change. If you’ve read Volume #1, then you know. But Cade, after all these years, still has no clue. But he’s determined to find out.

There had been no one else to see. I’d dated. I’d been with women, but I’d likely been ruined when I lost her.

Confessions of a Philanthropist

Now this one begins right where Volume #1 left off. Remember that cliffhanger? Rhys has Desniah. And he doesn’t intend to lose her… to anyone. And that includes London. We know about Rhy’s sexual predilections and now that he has Desniah, he wonders if he can finally be himself, and be happy.

This was me tangibly demonstrating that no matter what happened, I saw her. Desired her. No matter London’s actions. There would be no shame or guilt for who and what we were in each other’s arms.

Confessions of a Daughter

Des finally knows what London has been up to and she’s determined to take control of her body. She worries that Rhys might not want her when he realizes everything London has been upto. But she’s also starting to feel more for Rhys, yet she wonders if she can truly accept pain with pleasure. Can she make Rhys happy?

Pleasing him brought me peace. Something I didn’t remember ever having.

I expected to love this installment. I mean, Volume #1 is one of my favorite books of 2013, so for that reason alone, I didn’t expect anything else. And I wasn’t disappointed. Overall it wasn’t as dark as Volume #1, but it was just as good. I love this ‘world’ that the author has created. Opulent, decadent and so so dark. And I’m not even talking about Rhy’s predilections. For me it all comes down to one character, Desniah/London. I’m just so curious about what will happen to her. How she’ll heal from her disorder. Can she reconcile the two personalities? And if she does, who will she choose? Rhys or Cade?

I have no idea why, but Cade is my favorite of the two. He loves her, he’s fighting for her and I’m really rooting for him. But in this one I have to admit I got to like Rhys. Not as much as Cade, but I understood him more. I just don’t think BDSM or the control that comes with it, is what Desniah needs. I feel as if she needs the softness of Cade, the light if you will….

Another dark psychological journey. And like all the books I enjoy, too short :/ My excitement was cut short when I looked at my kindle and realized I’m at 90%. Leila please get the next one out soon!

4.5 stars.

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Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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  1. Leila DeSint says:

    Thank you Jessy for the fantastic review!

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