Book Review – Revealing Us (Inside Out #3) – Lisa Renee Jones

I’ll start by saying that I love feeling the emotions of a book, rather than have it told to me. And if there’s one thing Lisa Renee Jones excels at, it’s making me feel. I could say it’s all about the 1st person present tense that she favors, but no, it’s so much more than that, it’s a skill that not many possess. And for one who’s been in a book slump, I was happy to once again feel the kind of emotions I feel when I read a well written book.

Read my review for Book #1 – If I were You, here. For book #2 – Being Me, here. For the novella #2.5 – Master Undone, here. And for the reading order, click here.

Revealing Us begins right where Being Me left off. Chris has given Sara an ultimatum. Go to France with him and find out all his secrets or remain in the US and end their relationship. No I won’t tell you her choice, but I will tell you my thoughts about the book 🙂

I had mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand I loved the way Lisa Renee Jones writes, it’s just so atmospheric, I can’t help but be swept up in it. Which is precisely what I was looking for after my week long book slump. On the other hand, there were some bits that had me lifting one eyebrow in skepticism… figuratively.

But first the positives. We finally get to know Chris… It takes some time but the Chris Merit we’ve come to know and lust after throughout the series remains. His character… sigh… his character. Pretty sure I’m in love with it, him. He’s just so gentle, protective, dominant when he needs to be and just so purely male I cant stand it! I love that he’s a tormented artist. That he can’t breathe without her… sigh… I just wish there were more detailed steamy scenes because… well you know why 😉

But because he’s tormented, Sara feels she has to navigate dark waters, and she has no idea where or how to start. She loves him, that much is clear, but he’s shut her out before and she’s afraid he’ll do it again. Oh the angst! I absolutely love that these two have that ‘magic’… I love how much they need each other… But they do have their differences. His need to dominate and her need to escape a life of domination from her father, and her ex…

“I don’t know how to love you and not protect you,” he says, and my eyes lift at his soft confession. My heart thunders as he adds, “And I don’t know how to protect you and not overwhelm you. I’m always going to be on edge. I’m always going to think… too much.

Sigh…. Chris. I absolutely loved their story. The entire series was so well thought out. Sara ‘usurping’ the role of Rebecca in If I Were You, hence the title. Sara finding herself in the arms of Chris Merit, again, hence the title, Being Me. And in this installment, Sara and Chris finding what they’re comfortable in being, who they truly are, in Revealing Us… And we get some new characters too. Some who I hope will get their own spinoffs or novellas. Amber and Tristan, Chantal and Rey… But more importantly we also get more of Rebecca’s journals. And it’s heartbreaking (you have to read Being Me to know why) :/

And now for the negatives… and believe me it pains me… For one, Sara wasn’t as strong a character as I wanted her to be. I screamed at Sara for knowingly entering the lion’s den (you’ll know what I mean when you get to that scene)… There were also some things that just didn’t make sense to me… like why did it take Chris so long to ‘reveal’ himself? I’m impatient, that’s not a secret to those who know me, but it just took so long! And though I did somewhat get why Sara didn’t push (and why ‘pushing’ is frowned upon in general), I, in the end, still think it took far too long. I also felt as if the ‘suspense’ wasn’t as suspenseful (for lack of a better word)…

The negatives unfortunately ensure that this is not my favorite book in the series (the other two are so good!) We do get a preview of Ella’s story. At first I thought it a distraction to Sara’s story, an inconvenience, but there’s more to come… and the suspense has me eagerly waiting! I won’t say much about the end only that it didn’t feel ‘cliffhangy’ to me… but I do wonder about a supposed Book #4 and #5 since it was called the Inside Out Trilogy… but well… let’s wait and see…

A long struggle with the rating……. 3.75 stars

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Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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1 Response to Book Review – Revealing Us (Inside Out #3) – Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Agl says:

    Totally agree just finished and was so disappointed. Sara’s character was just so stupidly played, she made some extremely stupid choices when it came to the lions den and they were just common sense. The end was the worst of it though so many un answered questions and Chris’s secret was nothing to be so hung up over and the Epilogue was just sad and unfortunate. Really stupid ending but great couple.

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