Blog Tour: Spotlight, Excerpt and Giveaway- The Manhattanites Series – Avery Aster

The Manhattanites is an extended modern erotic romance series of full length juicy melodramas multilayered on love, friendship, and drama to the hilt. If you grew up reading Jackie Collins, Judith Krantz and Danielle Steel you will devour this series as each book may be read as a stand alone. Sex & The City fans who watch TV shows like Girls (HBO), Mistresses (ABC/BBC Drama), and The Bold & the Beautiful (CBS) love The Manhattanites series. Avery’s characters are over the top. They have raunchy sex, speak their minds and always get what they want.

Unscrupulous (#2 The Manhattanites) 



Content Warning: due to graphic sex scenes, strong language, suggestive themes, mature humor, and just about everything your friends ever told you not to do–including getting vajazzled, this novel is for adults only.

At thirty-three Warner Truman is one of the richest men on the planet, a spa mogul who buys and sells resorts at will. He holds powerful executive’s careers in his well-groomed hands. Nothing is beyond Warner’s reach…until he meets her.

Stunning, tantalizing, and perverse, Taddy Brill captivates Warner’s carnal desire like no woman he’s ever met. A self-made millionaire, Taddy is tougher than steel, more brilliant than diamonds and, at twenty-seven, she’s never depended on a man for anything…until she meets him.

The more Taddy plays with Warner’s affections, driving him to erotic heights, the more she is confronted by a dark past. But before she can love him, Taddy must meet her worst fears head-on or risk losing it all, including herself


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*set up:

Taddy Brill takes Warner Truman up on his offer to help her relieve her work stress by going up to his hotel room for the night.

Chapter Fourteen

Oh His Anaconda, Seriously

Taddy had suggested they skip dessert. Warner seized her hand, leading them into a rear elevator. She leaned in, hugging him. “I’m looking forward to seeing your impérial suite.”

“And I’m looking forward to showing it to you.” Warner inserted a key, pushed a button on the control panel, and they rose. He kissed her.

She took in his strength, rubbing her body against his. So muscular. Curious to see his jewels, she reached down and unzipped his pants.

“Not yet, young lady.” Warner grabbed her hands and brought them back to his chest kissing her fingers. “You’re more aggressive than I realized.”

“I’m a Manhattanite. What’d you expect?” Taddy asked, kissing him again as the elevator doors opened to his private living area. She estimated the suite to be about four thousand square feet. Empire-style décor adorned the rooms with various French silks and imported damasks. The expansive living room featured a majestic marble fireplace. Off the foyer were a few sizeable bedrooms, one with a sleigh bed in the middle. “It’s beautiful, Warner.”

“Over there is the Promenade de la Croisette.” He pointed west out the window. The Mediterranean view hypnotized them for a brief second. The yachts bumped against the pier casting a soft glow on the water. “You ready to have the night of your life?” Warner cupped her cheeks in his hands and leaned into her body.

A familiar sensation, being candied sugar in his strong arms, came back to her. He could do whatever he wanted. Lost in those golden eyes, she confirmed, “Yes!” Taddy wrapped her right leg around his left. His cock grew under his slacks. God, you’re huge.

“I’m happy we found one another again.” He pressed his body against hers in a romantic way. Tongues meeting, he took ownership of her mouth while he unzipped her dress and allowed the fabric to drop to her feet. “You are striking.”

“Stop talking.” She egged him on for fewer words and more action, wanting to see how far she could push him. Taddy was curious whether a porn star hid under his CEO billionaire, third richest man in the world, Warner Truman gentleman’s wrapper.

“You wanna play.” In jest, he squeezed Red’s lips together with his thumb and pointer finger. Then Warner kissed her. “I bet after I give you what you need, you’ll be calling me for seconds.” He stepped away and removed his sports coat, throwing it against the chair by the bed.

She laughed. “I don’t call men. Remember?” She stepped out of her Gucci heels, kicking them to the corner. She unbuttoned his expensive-looking shirt, revealing his muscular chest. His body, a work of art, waited to be framed.

Warner pulled his shirttails out from his pants.

“I get that your nips are sensitive.” Taddy pressed her lips against them. Sweet to her tongue, his chest rose to attention.

“Red.” He moaned and drew her face over to his other nipple.

She bit down hard, pulling the skin between her teeth. She felt his sex growing in her hands underneath his slacks.

He was enjoying it. “Wait ’til my mouth gets a hold of your tits.” He wet his lips, rolled his shirt into a ball and threw it to the corner of the room. “You have no idea what I have in store for you, but you’ll find out—soon enough.”

“Jacked guns.” Holy moly.

“Wait, Red. Just wait.” He stepped back in a tease as if he was on a stage. With a hip dance and a tug to his fine leather belt, he unfastened his pants, letting them fall to the floor. Warner then slipped off his loafers.

“Thick legs.” Taddy crossed her arms, admiring his tree trunks. Her pussy suddenly became very wet. She clenched her legs tight, keeping her panties on. If Warner wanted her, he’d have to rip ‘em off. Red preferred it rough.

The way his boxers hung told her there was a monster waiting to get loose.

“Ready?” His voice held a confident rasp, which piqued her curiosity.

“Waiting…” She gave him a nod to say “bring it on.”

Big Daddy dropped his drawers.

She dropped her jaw. Shut the front flippin’ door!

“Anaconda” wouldn’t do this super size of beef justice. A beautiful snake hung between his legs. Honey-brown pubes dusted a halo over his hard-on.

Blinking several times, she bit down on her pointer finger, looking away as if viewing a freak show. Fascinated by all things penis, she quickly found her gaze return to appreciate his magnificence. His dick would be a challenge. One she’d never seen but anticipated mastering.

Warner held his dick in her direction. “Told ya,” he said with a smirk.

She confessed, “I’ve never…” In utter fascination, she dropped to her knees.

He took her jaw into his grip, leaned down, and kissed her. “Need instruction?”

Taddy shook her head. “I don’t like to be told what to do.”

Spreading her lips apart with his thumb, he kissed her. Then he stood, backed up, and held her head as she slowly—inch by inch—took him into her mouth.

Mmmm. Cheeks full, she sucked once, licked twice, sucked again.

“Tsk, tsk, Red.” Warner pulled his dick out and massaged her breast. “You’re still too tense.”

Opening her mouth, she begged for him.

Big Daddy glided his velvety shaft over her tongue, nearly touching her tonsils. Tears fell down her cheeks as he found his way down her throat.


Again, he pulled out and lowered his face to meet hers. “Baby, loosen up your jaw.” He tapped her right cheek with his palm. “Enjoy it.”

Taddy wished he would’ve hit her harder. Holy screw me. High on eagerness, she nodded in agreement. At last, a man who knew what she wanted. “Third time’s the charm.” She remained squatted on the carpet under him.

His masculine energy intoxicated her. He fisted her hair into a ponytail and instructed, “Open, Red. I want the tip of your tongue to touch my balls when you go down on me.”

She nodded.

“Now, look up at me while you suck.”

Her head shook as if getting ready to sing at the Metropolitan Opera. She relaxed her mouth.

“That’s it. There you go, baby girl.” Warner rapidly slid about halfway. He pumped back and forth.

Grabbing onto his sack, she tugged down. She owned it. Building rhythm, neck jerking back and forth, she went for it, taking as much of him as she could.

Mine. I have this.

Taddy sat taller, testing her reflexes—and almost gagged.

“You okay?” He looked down at her in concern.

“Yep, I’m good.” She wiped her mouth and went at it again. The taste of his briny pre-cum encouraged her.

Cock loaded, he reached under her arms and picked her up.

            Whoa. Wrapping her legs around his midsection, she rested her arms on his shoulders, clinging to what felt like the edge of a rocky cliff.

Warner stared into her eyes and cleaned her face with his hand. He kissed her sweetly and held on to her. “Red, I won’t stop once we get started. Understand?”


“Ready?” He aligned his torso and shaft under her body. His eyes stayed on hers for a second then he pressed his lips tightly with hers giving her a little tongue. Her alpha ways didn’t seem to scare him. Had she met her match?

Taddy broke the kiss and said, “Slap me.” She grabbed his free hand and held his palm up to her neck. “Choke me,” she said as if pretending she stared in her own Manuel Coq de la Grande video.


“I want you to humiliate me while you’re inside me.”

His smile faded. He shook his head. “Never.” Warner grunted as if he was more than eager to do many things to her but abusing her wasn’t one of them. He gripped her body tight and pressed her against the hotel wall.

The paint’s graininess scratched her back.

“You like that, Red?” Warner growled in her ear.

“Yes, God you’re so—strong!” She could barely speak.

He reached down and tore off her lace underwear. The fabric flew across the room in a streak of pink, hitting the opposite corner.

“You owe me some new lingerie.” Taddy laughed.

“Happy to buy you whatever you want.”

Good boy, she thought when he grabbed a condom from the nightstand.

After removing the foil wrapper, she helped roll the latex over his shaft. Did it fit? Not exactly! But it did the trick.

He held on to her back. She leaned into his chest. His huge cock grazed her crease. “Look at me,” he ordered.

She trembled and did as he instructed. Her skin prickled to attention. The guys she’d screwed didn’t care if her eyes remained closed or opened, if she’d looked away or watched TV. However, this dude was different.

“That’s it.” He spoke with authority.

Sweet Jesus on a Saltine cracker, you’re a freaky deaky. She wondered if there was anything he couldn’t do for her.

Intense. Real. Hers.

“Red, you’re fucking wet.” He planted himself further into her moisture.

Pressing her breasts against his sculpted chest, she sensed his heartbeat against hers. After lowering herself and gliding slowly down over his shaft, she wanted more. “Shit, Truman.” She had to take it all the way. It had been so long since there’d been any chemistry with another man. The joy of skin-to-skin came back to her as her cunt muscles contracted. Taddy felt exhilarated, as if tonight was her first time with a man.

“You’re tight.” He went in farther, grasping her ass and filling her.

“Eat me out first next time.”

“Want me to stop and start over?”

“Don’t…stop.” Holding onto his shoulders, she pulled her body up on each thrust, sliding up and down—up and down, “Warner!” Being banged while suspended in someone’s arms was a new treat for her. This is insane.

“Get your sweet pussy back on my cock, woman.” His eyes spoke louder than his words, saying, “Do as you’re told.” He palmed her ass cheeks. Then, with a tap, he had her allowing gravity to sync her body on to his.

“This feels amazing.”

“Let go. Don’t resist me. I can support you.” Warner took charge in a way that was unfamiliar to her. But Taddy was starting to enjoy it.

Trusting his strength, she loosened her grip, trailing her hands over his developed forearms. Warner’s smile broadened as she gave him all the power. She also gave him her trust and the freedom to do his thing. Taddy transferred her attention to his chest and rubbed his pecs. She then played with her own nipples. Noticeable excitement came over this face when she pinched her tits causing them to swell while he fucked her.

Could it be possible his fat dick could get any thicker? It sure did. He grew inside her.

Trust. Power. Fuck.

Her clitoris flittered as he pumped her over and over again.

“I’ve wanted this for so long. Your body is amazing. So perfect.” He lowered his face toward her breasts. “Talk to me baby.”

It was hard enough to keep her eyes on him, but she wasn’t a “talker.” This side of Warner was unexpected. She wanted to shut him up. But how? Warner didn’t seem like the guy of guy she could gag with one of her toys.

            Hmmm. Holding onto her left breast, she positioned her nipple toward his lips. Not sure if he could suck on her tit while he stood and screwed her at the same time, she gave it a shot.

Sinking his lips around the areola, she felt his teeth enclose the sensitive edge.

            Damn! Your lickability factor is extreme.

He grazed each breast, then swirled his tongue in circles over the hard flesh, while his cock penetrated inside her. Taddy had to hand it to him—coordination came easily to Warner. Just as she relaxed, his lips grabbed the tip of her bosom and gave a slight tug.

She moaned roughly because it felt so damn good.

He teasingly chewed at her nipple, grinding his teeth around her areola.

In a new heightened pleasure, Taddy shuddered. Her breasts were becoming more and more sensitive to every lick, bite, even when he breathed on them, especially when he breathed on them.

His cock slid in deeper filling her. Then he’d pull out and back in again. Warner pounded while he licked her right nipple, soothing the tenderness. “You came when I bit down.” His pelvic thrust increased, drilling into her core.

            Stop talking you… Body on fire, she let herself melt into him.

His skin slapping hers, he snarled, “You are the best, Red.” He drove into her, holding her like a doll. “Stay the week with me.”

“You ever gonna shut up?”

He shifted his weight, holding her now with one hand. Big Daddy’s golden eyes gazed into hers. Not amused he said, “Don’t ever tell me to shut up.” He nuzzled her nose with his. ”We’ll talk about your choking-smacking thing—later.”

She wanted him to strike her, she couldn’t figure out why, but she did. Something told her he didn’t get into degrading a woman.

Respect. Power. Worship.

Taddy rode him faster. “Harder.” She came again. Holy shit. “Fuuuck.” His domination had made her come, especially when he told her he was the boss and he wasn’t in to treating her like a whore.

            You are the best, Warner, the best

“You like it rough, my little Red.” Shimmying to the bed with her in his arms, he rested her on the mattress.

She fell back on the pillows in awe. He stunned her. He scared her. He amazed her.

Nostrils flared, his chest heaved as heat radiated from his body. His man-buds hardened to her touch. Lifting both legs up, he reprimanded, “Look at this mess you’ve made, Red.” Palms over her clit, he tapped on her mound with a suction and release several times. Tap. Tap.

Her body shook. She came again. Fuck. “Lick me up.” She bit down on her pointer finger, playing up the coy, disarrayed state.

Lowering his mouth to her wetness, he thrust his tongue deep inside, his nose buried inside her walls as well. He tongue-fucked her then grunted, “Dirty little girl. You’re my dirty girl. Say it.”

“I’m not a talker, Truman.” Taddy didn’t realize it until now, but for some reason being with Warner made her quiet. She’d started to pull into herself, and just as she couldn’t determine why, she wanted him to strike her—she hadn’t a clue as to why she was withdrawing.

Nevertheless, she was.

When she’d dominated men in bed, normally she’d tell them what to do.    Whether it was licking her toes, massaging her shoulders or shaving her legs—they’d do it. Although tonight, in his arms, she couldn’t talk or think, she fought the urge inside her to not feel. That took a lot of energy and effort on her part, not to feel.

He spread her legs wide. “Say it, Brill.”

            For Pete’s sake. “I’m your girl.”

“No! Say it.”

“I’m Big Daddy’s dirty girl.”

“And what do you want Big Daddy to do to his dirty girl?”

“Lick me clean.”

Sex with Warner became a euphoric trip to Candy Land. She’d never imagined it could be this extreme, genuine, and vocal. Such a New Yorker! Their kissing and petting night in St. Barth’s came off sweet and almost cute in comparison to tonight’s savage alpha-to-alpha exchange.

Taddy wondered if Warner had built-up sexual frustration, perhaps for not getting with her sooner. A force this focused was a new experience in her Manhattanite jaded long list of been there done that. However, this? Never ever in a million plastic surgeons, Pilate’s instructors, chauffeurs, or butlers could she have imagined he’d be so wonderful.

In amazement, she realized she didn’t have to close her eyes. She didn’t have to dream about the NFL player Brayden Brooks or play “Honey Hive Filled Love” by Waris Sugar in her head. There were no names of Baden Cosmetics to describe this. With Warner, she couldn’t focus on anything else but him. It was him. Oh God. The thoughts that raced through her mind were overwhelming her. So much that she felt another quake through her body.

“You wanna come again, Red?” Warner smiled, pumping harder. “You didn’t ask last time. You just covered my dick in your cum.” He pulled out and looked down at her for a response. “Talk to me.”

            Damn you, Chatty Cathy.

“Answer me.” He kept his cock out. “Stop being quiet.”

“Yes.” She jerked her head up, holding on to his shoulders, begging him to move back inside her. Her body ached when he stopped filling her. This closeness was better than anything she’d ever experienced.

Embedding himself inside her, he shoved everything he had right back in to where it belonged. Warner hammered again, driving deeper into her. He needed this as much as she did. Taddy could tell his body hungered for hers. She wondered for a split second if his soul was as starved for love as hers was. She hadn’t thought about this emotion in years. She kept remembering Kiki’s conversation in the car. Fuck you, Kiki, for putting these thoughts in my head. It’s not me. I don’t do this. I don’t know how to be in love. I can’t.

“Baby girl, you’re zoning out on me.” He kissed Taddy, insisting on her attention. “What are you thinking? Why so silent?”

            Because I’m confused and don’t want to have any feelings for you. “My body has had a year’s worth of orgasms in one evening. I’m—overwhelmed.” Her mind had tripped on honey clouds and peppermint sticks again. Except she couldn’t daydream or fantasize, Big Daddy seemed to provide all she needed. On that, she came again. “Sorry.”

“I like that you’re thinking. I hope it’s about me. Tell me.” His rhythm slowed finding a perfect cadence.

“I’m enjoying you. Okay?” Taddy felt as if she’d already said more than enough.

“Likewise. You better get used to this.” He laughed, nibbling at her neck. “The more I enjoy, the more you cream.”

“I get wet—so wet—very wet.”

Warner kissed her, gazing deep into her eyes. He loved it, she could tell. “What are we going to do about your sex spigot?”

“Stop my spout up.” She raked her acrylics over his chest. God, you’re massive.     On his knees, he pushed her legs back with her ass up. She felt a cold rush from the air-conditioning vents strike her asshole as he pulled his body back and exposed her. Her skin goosed up between her thighs as he ran his fingers through her mound. He came down over her like thunder and lightning.

Screaming in fits of joy, Taddy rolled her eyes into the back of her head, glimpsing black. So good! Her body felt satisfied when he was inside her. She held onto the mattress for balance.

The white sheets popped up on their corners and released the elastic footing.

He could smash her into a million pieces if he wanted to. Warner had to be the strongest man she’d ever met.

Faster. Wetter. Deeper

“Is it too much?” He slowed his pumping into a soft rhythm and wiped his forehead, then kissed her while waiting for an answer. His eyes stared through her.

“I’m getting used to your size.” She eased herself over onto her stomach. Jesus Christ bananas. Worried he might see how she felt, Taddy needed a break from staring into those eyes of his.

Big Daddy positioned himself behind her. “Okay, Red.” He pulled her long hair off her face and held on to it like a horse’s lead, guiding her. Sliding inside with force and then back out again slowly, he picked up friction again. Warner could easily tap her cervix, causing pain, but his body was in tune with just how far to go. He came in at the perfect angle, sending every hair follicle on her scalp to attention. “Throw your cunt back at me, baby. Give it to me…”

“You feel so good. That’s it. Yes!” On all fours, she could take his cock much better. However, she missed not being able to see Warner’s face. She didn’t think she’d fall under his spell of sweet intimacy with hardcore fucking, but she had. Taddy could orgasm under him a million times over. His body may be man, but his talents, those felt supernatural.

With no warning, he pulled out, wrapped his arms around her waist and turned her face up onto her backside.

“Whoa.” She felt whipped.

“I can’t do that position with you.” He held onto her legs.

Taddy hesitated to ask why. She knew another conversation would start while he was inside her. Realizing she didn’t have much of a choice, she muttered, “Why?”

He smiled, happy to see her engaged. “I don’t like you looking away from me.” He leaned his body over hers, framing her. His tongue dipped into her mouth and frenched her passionately. Warner nuzzled her nose. “Don’t ever face the wall when I’m inside you.” Sliding his dick into her, his anguished face gave way to pleasure.

“So dramatic!”

“No Brill, if I wanted to fuck a stranger, I would. But I don’t. I must look at your beauty when I’m with you.” He packed himself into her—hard.

“Okay…” She gazed up at him. Warner seemed serious about his business, his family, and making love with Red. She kissed him and held on to his arms, making eye contact with him, rubbing his chest to say “sorry,” and getting him to refocus on his pleasure.

“I’m going to come,” he moaned.

“Move back.” She reached down and pulled his cock out as he leaned up. The latex felt hot in her hand as she ripped it off him. Then the musky sweet smell of sex filled the room. Taddy lowered her face against his erection, taking his dick in her mouth.

“What are you doing?”

Taddy pulled back. “Please, I have to.” Her deepest fantasy of having a man come in her mouth was about to come true.

He held the back of her head, stroking her face with his fingers while his body shook. “I’m coming. I’m coming, Red. Baby, you’re making me—”

The first squirt hit her throat. As she swallowed, he kept coming. She dug her nails deeper into his ass cheeks causing him to shoot even more cum.

“Milk it. That’s it. There you go.” he moaned hoarsely. “Get your tongue in my slit, suck me dry.” Warner grabbed her as his body trembled violently with one final release. Leaning down and kissing her open mouth, he demanded, “Gimme.”

What? She shoved her tongue between his lips, pushing his release back.

He scooted her body out alongside his own. “I’ve never met a woman hungry to swallow.”

“It’s my dream.” She kissed him. He rolled over onto his back. His body stuck to hers, and with a heartbeat in her ear, she returned her face to his chest. “And I’ve never met a guy who kisses a girl after he’s on her lips.”

“Is this your defense strategy to keep me away from you after sex?” Warner laughed. Nothing seemed to scare him.

Special Announcement

Undressed (The Manhattanites #1) is regularly priced at $8.75 and will have an amazing 65% off the retail price at $2.99 from August 14th, the same day that Unscrupulous (The Manhattanites #2) launches, until August 27th.

Undressed Cover

Undressed (#1 The Manhattanites)

Milan’s notorious playboy, Massimo Tittoni, seems to have everything–Lamborghinis, exotic women, palaces throughout Europe and business success. Ramping up his fabric company to go global with a new apparel brand, he ruthlessly stops supplying fabrics to the American client who inspired the collection. But once they meet, what’s he willing to give to get her in his bed?

Upper East Side designer Lex Easton will be damned if she’ll let an Italian stud muffin knock her down. So what if she named her favorite vibrator after him. With Fashion Week approaching, she’ll do whatever it takes to secure the fabrics she needs to become the next Diane von Furstenburg– even sleep with her rival. But when she arrives in Europe the paparazzi chronicles her every move and she finds herself in a situation never imagined. Lex’s Louboutins stilettos are dug in deep to win this war. All’s fair in love and fashion!

Avery Aster’s super-glossy debut novel is loaded with passionate escapism, pitting American ambition against Italian tradition. Erotic romance fans who appreciate extended sex scenes, witty banter and glamour mustn’t miss Undressed.

Inside Scoop: Though the hero and heroine remain monogamous, their Prada-wearing friends indulge in a ménage a trois and other fashionable sexual fun and games


Amazon: Undressed (The Manhattanites #1)

Barnes & Noble


AVERY ASTER pens erotic romance for Ellora’s Cave. As a resident of New York’s Upper East Side and a graduate from New York University, Avery gives readers an inside look at the city’s glitzy nightlife, socialite sexcapades and tall tales of the über-rich and ultra-famous. “I write about what I see in my metropolis that never sleeps–Manhattanites on the quest for a passionate thrill,” Avery says. “By and large, my characters are drop-dead gorgeous, ripped straight from the headlines and on the hunt for their next conquest.”





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