Book Review + Giveaway – Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) – Kit Rocha

This series just keeps getting better and better! And that’s saying A LOT seeing as book one was beyond anything I’ve ever read. If you’d have told me I’d love dystopian erotica I’d have called you a liar. Now? Now I can’t believe everyone’s not reading this series! MUST-READ. As in, drop what you’re reading and pick this up asap! (Read my review for Book #2 – Beyond Control, here.)

But first things first. This is Bren and Six’s book. You remember Six. She was brought out of Sector 3 when the O’Kanes captured and killed Wilson Trent. Six at the time was a shell. So abused, so tortured, so completely broken. There was no way she could belong to Sector 4. Or so she thought.

“You’re not a guest.” He watched her intently. “This is your home.”

Home. Longing hollowed out her chest, a craving for a concept she could barely fathom, because it started with safety. “I don’t know if I’ve ever had a home before.”

She never expected a man like Bren to pay her any attention. Bren, a former soldier, exiled from Eden after being branded a traitor. Bren, always in control, worthy of being an O’Kane. That Bren.

But Bren has issues. Issues that date way back when he still lived in Eden. But the same issues make him want to be a better man, a protector. And if there’s one person in need of protection, it’s Six. Bren decides to take Six on. Help her be something more. So he starts training with her. And we all know where this leads 😉

I absolutely loved their story. It was more emotional than Jas and Noelle’s in Beyond Shame, and not as charged as Dallas and Lex’s in Beyond Control. This one was more… more… just, more. Sweeter, sexier in a more understated way, emotional in a way the first two weren’t. We all know sharing is caring in Sector 4 😉 until we meet Bren and Six. They’re both possessive. In a way I never thought anyone in Sector 4 could be. Don’t get me wrong, threesomes and orgies are still taking place, but Bren and Six are more voyeurs… more content in watching but pleasing only each other. And I loved that. Maybe that’s why the book felt more emotional to me.

“What would you do if she wanted me?”

His hand clenched tight in Six’s shirt. “She can’t have you. Not tonight.”

“Possessive, aren’t you?”

“She can’t have you.” The words ripped free of him again, rough and raw. “Maybe not ever.”

And the politics in the Sectors continue. In Beyond Control, Dallas was put in charge of Sector 3. And no one knows Sector 3 better than Six. See, she grew up there, she suffered under the hands of its former leader, Wilson Trent. So if anyone can help understand it, it’s her. Six however, hasn’t changed much from the timid girl she was when she was brought out of Sector 3. She needs someone to believe in her. And this is where Bren comes in.

I loved how much he believed in her. How incredibly sweet and supportive he was. How much he helped her grow. Not just in strength, but sexually also. Lord these two steamed it up! (Best scene ever – sex in a fighters cage surrounded by spectators… LAWD!)

Other than the intense erotic scenes that this series is known for (seriously, can someone move me to Sector 4?!), what makes it so superior is this world that the author has created. So unlike anything I could ever imagine… so well described you feel as if you’re an O’Kane fighting on behalf of Sector 4.

*For those who haven’t read the series, and seeing as I wish everyone would, I’ll explain. It’s a dystopian society. Solar flaires have basically obliterated the world as we know it. And what is left is a society unlike any other. There is Eden – the perceived paradise, where they still have everything that was there before the flares. Then there’re the Sectors. Each Sector, 1 to 8, have their own leader and they vary greatly. Sector 4, is the focus of the books. It’s led by Dallas O’Kane. While it doesn’t have as much comfort as Eden, or Sector 2 for that matter, it has a good leader, it’s a family, and everyone who becomes part of that family has to take ink, and become an O’Kane. (Now read Book #1, Beyond Shame! 🙂

Back to my review. I love the world, I love how I basically forget everything as I read the book. How immersed I get. The best thing is that it isn’t just erotica. And again, the erotica part is so so so freakin good! But the story is so much more. And the balance? Just right. It’s not just gritty, it’s also full of heart… you can’t help but fall in love with the characters. And that underlying theme is still there… women empowerment. Yes, these women are strong. And these big, strong O’Kane men? They might like to think they’re in charge, but the women are the ones in control 🙂

5 amazing-I’m-in-awe Stars!!!!

Next up is Beyond Jealousy… hint? 3 is definitely not a crowd 😉 I can’t wait!

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Amazon Buy Link – Beyond Pain by Kit Rocha

beyond pain

Finally I’d like to thank the author(s) Kit Rocha for providing this ARC for my review.


One Kindle copy of Beyond Pain is up for grabs! The book will be gifted to the winner on release day. Just click on a Rafflecopter giveaway to enter! Good luck!

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18 Responses to Book Review + Giveaway – Beyond Pain (Beyond #3) – Kit Rocha

  1. maw25 says:

    This series is just brilliant and I don’t read dystopian erotica either. But in Kit’s hands, I love it. It makes sense and you don’t need a map to understand the who/what/where/how.

    Marika Weber/Harlie Williams

  2. Great review! I totally agree with you about this series and this book. (I was lucky enough to get an ARC, too.) I never would have thought I’d like a dystopian erotic romance either, but I love these!

  3. Amy Thao says:

    Supper excited to read this one! =)

  4. Lela says:

    I love these series i can’t belive it is so well written. I love them all but can’t wait for Ace’s real moves i think he is my fav. :))

    • I can’t wait for Ace’s book, Beyond Jealousy… and in Beyond Pain we get where the story will go 😉 I think Ace is my favorite character! Closely followed by Bren and Mad 🙂

  5. kgagnon2013 says:

    I have not read this series yet, but am excited to get started. Thank you!

  6. Timitra says:


  7. Kim Perry says:

    Lex is my favorite, but I love them all! I’m addicted to this series! Thanks for the giveaway!

  8. Tess Halim says:

    Bren’s my fav O’Kane and I’m so excited for Beyond Pain! >.< Thanks for the giveaway!
    Tess xx

  9. Laurie says:

    I can’t wait to get my hands on this one! I think it is a toss up between Ace & Jasper. Toss in a side of Mad:)

  10. kp says:

    just got the first book and can’t wait to get started!

  11. Deb Liu says:

    Have not read them yet. Can’t wait to read.

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  13. Mary Mooney says:

    Have not read them yet but they are on my TBR list, great giveaway!

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