Book Review – Unlocked (Alpha Group #3) – Maya Cross

What a way for the series to end! Drama, action, suspense, deceit… Sebastian Lock went into full James Bond mode in this one!

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So Unlocked picks up right where Lockout ended. Sophia has been kidnapped and while she has no idea why, she suspects it has something to do with Sebastian. And that there is the beginning of this crazy, action packed ride. We finally get to know about the Alpha Group and Sebastian’s connection with it. Conspiracy theories that moved this book from the erotic romance genre and well into romantic suspense. Crazy twists and turns that left me unsure of who to trust.

And while all this was happening, as the secrets came to light, there was still the love between Sebastian and Sophia. These two are just so sweet together. I loved Sophia’s character. Strong and funny and definitely not a pushover. Sebastian is still sexy as sin and add to this the James Bond-ness of it all, his sexiness just overflowed. Also the book is written in dual POVs so we got to hang out inside his mind – from planned meetings with gang leaders to dominating Sophia 😉

I loved the mystery and the suspense elements and we did get some really steamy scenes too. I did however wish that it was steamier. I mean it’s Sebastian Lock! He should not wear clothes period! 😉 On the plus side, this one is longer and more suspenseful. Lovers of erotic romance with an edge will love it.

3.5 stars.

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Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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