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“So I live my life according to the rules of others while my secret festers its way through my body. It bleeds slowly out of my heart and into my veins. Each word of my secret pulsing through me as it gets closer to the surface. I imagine one day it will get so close to the surface it will spring forth from my lips and reveal the monster I really am.” – Ruined.

Bailey Michaels is living a lie. She has a handsome and successful fiancé, a great job and a house in a town she adores. Her friends and family know her as the perfectly crafted individual she has created in their minds. Her deception knows no bounds when it comes to keeping the truth from everyone else. But it’s not enough. She craves the love of the one man she can’t possibly have – the only one who shares her secret.

Despite her angst over continuing her forbidden affair, nothing can keep her from Angel.

His dark looks, chiseled jaw and broodiness make it impossible for her to ever deny him anything. So when presented with a choice, Bailey knows she finally has to make a decision. Keep living the lie with her fiancé, Carron, or finally be with Angel – the man who’s had her heart since she was fifteen.

The funny thing with life though; just when you think you’ve got it all figured out, fate has a way of stepping in and turning the best laid plans to ruins.

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‘I … ah, was hoping I would see you.’ It’s lame, but the truth.

‘You know you should have told me you were coming! How the fuck am I supposed to move around town when you’re here?’ He leans in closer and pulls on my arms so that my back falls against his chest. The warmth of his body lulls me into his spell and I am putty in his hands. He could ask anything of me at this moment and I would have to say yes. Except if it was one of his ridiculous demands that I never see him again – that is one thing I will never agree to. His lips find my neck and he starts kissing me, his breath hot and feverish against my skin.

Immediately I respond between my legs. The ache for him is suddenly turned up to full wattage and I need to be stroked by him.

‘How can I think of anything else when you are so close to me?’ He is anxious, needing answers I just don’t have.

‘I don’t know,’ I sigh, and let my head fall back against his shoulder. The dog still sits while I am swept up into Angel’s world.

‘Please … touch me,’ I beg.

‘This is so wrong; you know I shouldn’t have laid a finger on you to start with. There are always so many consequences, even now.’ His voice is rough but filled with so much desire it can’t be ignored.

‘I don’t care about what’s right or wrong, all I care about is you. You and me. Do you remember that day?’

‘Of course I do,’ he says between kissing my neck.

‘I think about it all the time. If you hadn’t come to save me I don’t know what would have happened.’

‘There was no way I was going to let those girls hurt you.’ His voice has taken on a serious tone and I don’t want to get him angry by making him remember something he would rather forget.

‘I know, but I fell in love with you that day. As wrong as that may be, I still want it, I still need it. I need you.’ As usual I want to cry. There is nothing on this earth I want more than him, but he will never give himself to me. He would never allow our relationship to become acceptable to him. And yet, we still have these run-ins, where our souls collide for just a moment in time before he makes me leave.

‘You know I love you, right?’ he sighs into my neck.

‘Yes,’ I whisper.

‘So please just accept that this is the way we have to be.’ As loud as I can in my head I scream. NEVER! Never, never, never! I will never give up on him, despite the fact he keeps insisting I move on with my life. Move on with Carron.

‘Please touch me,’ I beg of him.


‘Because I can’t stand you not to, especially when you are so close.’

‘Bailey …’ It’s a warning that I will not heed.

‘Please Angel, please touch me!’ He does, and it is wonderful. It is all I can do not to cry out with happiness. His hot mouth is on my neck and his arms snake around to the front of my body. I can feel his erection pressed up against my backside and I grind myself against him, wanting to touch any bit of him I can. My hands reach to my sides and grab onto his thighs. They are strong and muscled from all the running he does. I squeeze firmly, needing in my own way to possess him.

One of his hands cups my breast while the other worms its way into the front of my tracksuit pants. My breath sucks in as his fingers roughly shove my panties to the side and he starts to explore the folds of my pussy. He finds my clit and starts to stroke me softly. It is all I can do not to rub myself harder against his fingers as he brings my body towards release.

‘More, please more.’ I’m panting and sound a lot like Frankie does when I take him for a walk. Only I am sure I’m getting more pleasure out of this than the dog does his outings. Angel slides two fingers deep inside of me while his thumb continues to rub my clit. Here out in the open, smack bang in the middle of the high school field, I am in heaven. Thankfully the whole school is on Christmas vacation which has left the place deserted for our enjoyment.

‘Do you like that?’ He asks me, although I am barely capable of words right now.

‘Yes, oh yes. Please don’t stop, Angel.’

‘Say my name again.’

‘Angel. Angel, Angel, Angel.’ His grip on me tightens and his fingers swirl around inside my depths, moving at a much faster pace than what he was just a moment ago. My legs begin to feel like jelly and I am barely capable of standing.

‘I’m gonna come,’ I wail.

‘Yes baby, come.’ And I do. My body shatters around his fingers, my orgasm rocking me all the way to the ground. I feel the muscles inside my pussy clench over and over as the spasms take control of me. Finally, when I am still, he slowly slides his fingers out of me. I turn to see his lustful eyes burning into me. He licks his fingers in front of me, sucking the juices from my pussy that covers them.

‘That is so gross,’ I say, shaking my head at him.

‘Damn you taste good.’ He is grinning like a kid – like the more youthful man I fell in love with eleven years ago. Angel hasn’t changed a bit.

‘I have to go.’ Dark clouds seem to hang over him as he says this.


‘You know I have to.’

‘I don’t want you to, please, just stay with me for once.’

‘You know that’s not possible.’ He kisses me briefly and I can taste the lingering metallic juices of my pussy on his lips. His tenderness zaps me out of my senses and I am still standing there with my eyes closed while he is already turning to make his leave. Blinking to refocus, I drink in his solid frame as he walks away from me.

‘Ever?’ I yell after him as loud as I can. He stops dead. I’m actually dumbstruck. For him to stop is a little victory in itself. Never say never, I sing to myself. He turns to face me.

I wither under his gaze. It is intense. He contemplates a minute and then gives me a full blown grin before taking off across the field at a sprint.

Right about now I feel a little victorious. At least that wasn’t a no.


S. Pratt Author (1)

S. Pratt is a multi-genre author who lives on the east coast of Australia in northern New South Wales with her husband and two children. She has a choc Labrador, Scooby-Doo, and two little mice that the kids promised they’d look after. This is now Shelly’s job, amongst other things. Things you may not know about Shelly? She has four tattoos and would love more, is only now in her 30’s becoming a wine whore and is a fiercely, loyal friend.

Shelly’s breakout novel, Ruined and companion novella, Ruining Angel are contemporary romance fiction books available on kindle and print from the Amazon store.

Sanctuary of Mine is her latest work in the New Adult Romance genre. (Graphic Design by Cover It Designs). Available NOW.

Beloved Soul by Shelly Pratt is available through Amazon and is published through Eternal Press. Please note that Beloved Soul’s cover artwork, editing and publication are all done through Eternal Press.

All other novels are written and published by S. Pratt. Editing acknowledgements go to those who are listed on each individual book title.

You can find all the latest information about Shelly and her other books (in different genres) by visiting or or



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  1. April White says:

    I really like this Book , the entire story line was so unexpected , I never knew what was going to happen and then the shocker aboyt Angel towards the end of the book WOW loved it

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