Book Review – Broken Beauty (Beauty #3) – Syke Warren

I’ve been really enjoying this series! Book #1 – Beauty Touched the Beast  – merely introduced us to the characters, book #2 – Beneath the Beauty – showed us who they are… and boy did I fall in love with their story.

In Broken Beauty, their story continues. Blake is still working at the university, and they are still hiding their relationship. It’s a risky thing to do, sleeping with your Professor, but their love for each other is so strong, the risk is definitely worth it… until Erin faces an ultimatum… and they are forced to re-evaluate the risk…

I read that Skye Warren ‘writes unapologetic erotica… there’s struggle in the sex… there’s pain in the relationships..” I couldn’t agree more. The characters in this one are definitely flawed, each in their own way… but their love for each other is so palpable… their need for each other toxic. And I have a new favorite character in Blake.

How many people wore the darkest part of them on their faces? What a different world it would be if we walked around with signs that proclaimed the worst thing that had happened to us.

Yet even though he faltered and became a recluse, he fought it and now leaves his house every day knowing that people will judge him by his scars. His pain just feels so real… it sounds wrong but I like that he’s so unsure of himself when it comes to Erin’s love for him, Yet like in everything else in his life, he faces it head on. He’s a survivor and more than that is his quiet strength… so so heartwarming.

 He sucked at her neck, leaving marks for the world, for her – but mostly for himself. To know that she was his and to never doubt, never fear.

In this one we also get to find out about Blake. What happened that led to the scars on his face. And while heart wrenching, what continually sells the series to me is how much these two need each other. How good they are together. And I can never resist a man who declares himself owned…

“Ah, but you already rule me. Anything else is just a game we play.

Sigh… I just wish the books were longer…

4 stars.

Amazon Buy Link: Broken Beauty by Skye Warren

broken 3

Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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