Rants and Raves – A Rockstar, a Cowboy and a Biker walk into a bar…

cowboy rocker bikerAnd what a fanstasy it is! I like this pic so much it got me wondering about my favorite book characters. I usually don’t go for a particular kind of book…. you know… like biker books or rock star books… but I have had a lot of people asking me if I can recommend these kinds of books. So here we go… I’ll recommend the ones I’ve read and loved but also other recommendations I’ve received…

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As Christine said in my ‘cliches in books‘ post, “Money is a convention that’s stayed around because as romance readers, we want fantasy. Short, plain guy with money problems? Most women married that.” LOL! So yes, let’s start with the billionaire.

fsogin flightthis manbegif i werebared?????????????????????????knightreleasepleasuresbbknightpearlbeautyforeverstrangersurrenderlockedcollideknight


I haven’t come across many but there’re some that you will definitely love….



I was in a pub the other day and a group of bikers from a Motorcycle Club came in. I was so excited and my friends were so embarrassed! Thing is, they didn’t look like Jax from Sons of Anarchy… or Tig (I have the hugest crush on Tig! Yes I’m insane.) These ones looked more like Piney… but I didn’t care… they had the Kuttes and everything and it was my first time to see a biker club up close… anyway… biker books 🙂

sweet dreamsmoto manown the wind????????????????????????????????????????????? unbeautifullosinghellreapershotseizerideknight

Rock Stars/Singers

I have to be honest these are not my favorite books. The rock star ones I mean… I’ve read ones with singers that I’ve loved… like Sweet Thing for example… loved that one! Though I will admit a couple of rock stars have managed to rock my book world…

white trashrock the hearttenthoughtlessTMSgroupie3aphoenixsweeylovewickedtrykillfallingSONY DSCrocked


I’ve only read Nicole Edwards books and I love those cowboys! So I can definitely see the lure of a cowboy. Also I have The Dixie Chicks song ‘Cowboy Take Me Away‘ playing in my head as I think of cowboy books 🙂



Possibly my ultimate fantasy! I had a crush on my primary school Geography teacher, my high school English teacher, my University Journalism lecturer… but I’m a follow the rules kind of girl so I stayed very very far away 🙂


Cops/ Law Enforcement

Ah, a man in uniform… authority… need I say more?

his riskdarkestlawtrustliberatingprotectingofficerlover

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16 Responses to Rants and Raves – A Rockstar, a Cowboy and a Biker walk into a bar…

  1. Bennita says:

    Love this post. I tend to go in stages of reading each of these categories, and I hate searching through tons of titles to find the really good ones. You and I tend to have similar interests in books so this makes it a lot easier for me. By the way, that first pic is haaawt!

    • Hey Bennita! I’ve actually not read all of them but I’ve checked their ratings from other Goodreads pals that I trust and they all seem to be 4 – 5 star reads… I intend to read all of them… just not sure how I’ll manage to do anything else!

  2. Cristina says:

    Just going through this list has plastered a smile on my face! Soooooo much to read… Sooo excited! Thank u, thank u for this list!!! 🙂

  3. Michelle says:

    Every time I think of a 20-something billionaire, Mark Zuckerberg’s face comes to mind…so….no. LOL

    I have lusted over rock stars from afar, but they seem entirely too immature and unwashed for me. But, I must say, the latest generation of rockers have done the work to improve their physiques, so for that, they remain on my lust-from-afar list.

    College professors are not for me. This is likely because I worked as a Graduate Assistant and Student Adviser when I was in grad school, and saw too much behind-the-scenes office drama. It was enough to remove the veil of mystery and make them, “real.” Bummer, because I worked with one who was hot as shit. Until he opened his mouth.

    Cowboys. I love to read about them, but have never met one in real life, so I have always wondered if the characterization is true-to-life, or romanticized.

    Bikers come in all shapes, sizes, and degrees of incarceration. My Hubby is a longtime motorcycle enthusiast, so I get the sexiness of having that rumbling machine between the legs. It’s “fun.” But, I don’t understand and have been put off by the “in love with the leader of a motorcycle gang” trope. Unless a woman wants to become property, it’s not a group of men I would recommend “hanging out” with. But, guys who like to ride….hell yeah! I mean, they LIKE to RIDE. Ahem.

    Men in uniform, especially military men. I married one. Enough said.:)

    • LOL! I don’t know any 20 something billionaires…. and the ones I’ve seen on under 30 by Forbes.. erm… no.

      But the college professor thing… sigh… I had two friends who were Graduate Assistants but they never had any real scoop :/

      Never met a real cowboy… not even sure if they wear stetsons or not… but I do listen to some country and a few of them do…

      Bikers… I have only seen that one MC… and even on Sons of Anarchy there’s nothing in that life I’d like… but it is fantasy.. I didn’t like Deuce in Undeniable but I loved Ripper in Unbeautifully… “rumbling machine between the legs” ha! love that!

      Men in uniform… I’m just about to start the KGI series by Maya Banks… excited!

  4. divinecaroline says:

    What about hot filthy rich lawyers?

  5. Neama says:

    Just to add to the cowboys, Shine not Burn by Elle Casey has a smooth Cowboy…..Read that book in one sitting and it left me licking my lips all through, funny, sexy and hot….Mhhhhh music to my ears…Mack Mack…What can i say…am all in for them cowboys as of now…..especially Mack

  6. NicholeL says:

    Bared to you by far the best out there with the alpha intensness!!!! Love them, and Also This man. It is a crazy relationship but even with the crap that is like WTF you can’t help but love the way the author protrays their love. It feels real and that is what I love about theses two books. Fast, sloppy, funny and erotic :)))

  7. Diana Doan says:

    I love this post!! I need to read faster to check them off my TBR list 🙂
    Thank you for the recommendations

  8. April White says:

    I love this I read a lot of the Books The Billionars & Fighters are my fav from you list But My most of all Favorite is “Madline Sheehan” Undenbile & Unbeautifully” Duce is awesome , I see a lot of ones from your list I most likely will be reading in the Near Future , I am in the works of a good Dom book as we speak , any who I am wondering am I the only one who can not get through an Olivia Cunning Book

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