Book Review – Resist (Songs of Submission #6) – CD Reiss

You know what I can’t believe? That there are erotica/erotic romance fans out there who still have not read the Songs of Submission series! For me, this is up there with the best of them. The writing is incredible, the heroine loveable (honestly, how often does that happen?) the hero too sexy for words but also flawed… and unapologetic, and the books? They will leave you coming back for more.

But back to the story. If you haven’t read the previous books, click here to get the reading order… and I promise to keep my review as spoiler free as possible.

So we re-join Monica and Jonathan two days after the airport incident… Monica has been worried sick about Jonathan and she is finally at his home to confront him. But Jonathan has a new trick up his sleeve. He’s decided to distract Monica from finding out the whole truth about him… and what better way than sex πŸ˜‰

Monica however, is determined to know the truth. Did Jonathan sleep with his ex-wife Jessica? What exactly is in his past that he is so determined to keep from her? Though she would much rather get the answers from the horse’s mouth, she decides to do a little investigating herself.

This book is all about the reader finally getting to know Jonathan. His past problems, especially when he was a teenager, have been alluded to and in this one they all come to light. But also, the question remain as to whether these two trust each other. They love each other and by God they can’t keep their hands off each other… but trust? Trust is a different issue.

“You belong to me,” he said. “That means I take care of you. Your body and your heart… That means I’m committed to your happiness… you have to trust me.”

“I can’t.”

“It’s a choice. Make it.”

Monica loves Jonathan. And while everything points to him hiding something, she has no choice in the matter… her heart has made a decision… maybe it’s about time her head followed…

I loved him just because I did. My heart wasn’t sensible or guarded enough. Not by a sight. I was a walking raw nerve ending of emotion, as if the years spent away from men and sex had made me more emotional, more vulnerable, more foolish than before.

Ah I love this two. And while the drama heightens with Jessica’s schemes and past mistakes that come back to haunt… these two were still steaming up my kindle screen..

“Hurt me,” I whispered.

“Monica, that’s not what I mean.”

“Ruin me.”


I stepped forward. “Destroy me, Jonathan.”

He cursed under his breath and pushed his lips to mine… I groaned into his mouth. “Take me. Own me. Use me. Pick a verb. Just, please.”

“Fuck you. I’m going to fuck you. That’s my verb.”

…. and the follow through πŸ˜‰ But underneath this, trouble brews. Jessica is determined to have her way. And she’s started something bound to not only ruin Jonathan, but also bring to light what happens behind closed doors. I loved that these bits were not rushed. That the book was not all steam… that we got a meaty storyline that I in no way wanted to end 😦 But all good things must… this is the second last book in the series… cliffhanger yes, but October is not too far off to see these two again. Or so I keep telling myself.

“Jonathan,” I whispered, his name a white flag of surrender… Was there anyone before you?”

“You might have thought so at the time.”

“I feel like no one’s loved me before.”

“I’m sure they did their best. But all along you were mine.”

Sigh… 4.5 stars…. and the best part? It’s a full length novel this time round..

Amazon Buy Link – Resist by CD Reiss


Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this ARC for my review.

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9 Responses to Book Review – Resist (Songs of Submission #6) – CD Reiss

  1. Deb Liu says:

    Can’t wait. Love these books.

  2. Angela says:


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  7. Kelly says:

    I must be the only person to NOT appreciate this book. I was ok up until Burn. That book just didn’t work for me. I was so tired of the back and forth between them. Then we get to Resist…REALLY! He makes her commit to him and then he walks away saying he’s not good enough. I mean come on already! I am sorry to say I am not enjoying this like you did.

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