Book Review – Take Me Break Me – Cari Silverwood

Attention all Dark Erotica fans! I found us a new one 🙂 I am so excited to write this review!

Jodie is a fan of Dark Erotica. She’s read stories about women being taken captive and forced to serve their master… and… she’s intrigued. She makes a living as a comedienne and a low-budget documentary maker. So she gets an idea. Why not make a documentary of herself living out a capture fantasy? More women like her enjoy these stories, so it’s bound to be a hit. She approaches her ex, Klaus. They’ve remained friendly after their break up and he’s the only person she’d want to do this with.

Klaus agrees to do this after a lot of persuasion and the games begin. Only, because of the many rules they’ve written down, the games are not as fun as Jodie envisioned them. That’s until Klaus flips the script, tears up the rules and becomes the dangerous to-be-feared master she’s read in all her books… and it scares her… but does it also arouse her?

I absolutely loved this book. It was such a different concept… of course the capture fantasy not being different… but more how it plays out. Being a dark erotica fan I could see why she’d be tempted to try the games herself. But they’re not really games are they? Jodie is surprised to find out that Klaus loves being the master. And it became so dark I worried a bit for her. I mean, locked up in a dungeon, not allowed to speak… yes, like other capture stories… only at this point, with Klaus being her friend, I guess I was still looking at it as heavy BDSM and I kept worrying that she didn’t have a safeword… he pretty much became something I feared.

I barely grippled with the reasons myself. I’d delivered hit after hit to her ass. And each one had said mine – this is what I can do to you, because you’re mine, right now, whenever I want to. I can do anything. For all my fancy words about being a friend, I was more than that now. I’d let loose some dormant part of me. Some other me. A me that didn’t just allow me to beat her and make her do things. That me got fucking excited and roared when I did it.

What was absolutely fascinating is the transformation in Klaus. From a man who’s never done kink in his life, to becoming a sadist. It didn’t happen overnight and he questioned himself a lot. The book is written in alternating POVs so we got to know his fears… and his surprise at how much he enjoyed Jodie being his to command, his to play with… just plain his… We also got to know Jodie. From wanting her rules followed to realizing that while she feared this new Klaus… the fear excited her.

Again, it scared me a bit. More the fact that they had not practiced BDSM before and immediately jumped into caning and needle play…. I worried something would go very wrong. Maybe it’s because I’m used to reading books with experienced Doms… or maybe it’s because it was meant to be fantasy and I kept placing myself in her position… But it is dark erotica and yes, no safewords here. I wasn’t sure about the consent… well it’s called dubious consent for a reason.. While Jodie could have stopped some of the things Klaus did to her… she didn’t. Did she enjoy all of it? I’m not sure she did…

And I never see this enough but I suppose it should be done more often, as it was with this book – a warning not to practice this at home. Very ironic seeing as they practiced exactly what she’d read!

More than them living out this dark fantasy (which by now was no longer a fantasy)… they both wondered what would happen when the one month period they’d set was over. Could they just go back to being friends? Could they be together without the kink? With the kink?

Really good Dark Erotica and… with a love story entwined 🙂

I had this off need to see Klaus as the best. I guess I was proud of him. I guess… because he was mine, the same as I was his.

4.5 stars!

Amazon Buy link – Take Me Break Me by Cari Silverwood

take me

Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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5 Responses to Book Review – Take Me Break Me – Cari Silverwood

  1. Karen says:

    i habe to read this one! i’be recently started reading more dark etotica. It gets me scared but exvited at the same time. Really gets my juices flowing, if you know what i mean! lol

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  3. Mary Mooney says:

    I love erotica/BDSM, It is scary at how quickly I will read them and get excited when a new one comes out.

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