Blog Tour: Book Review – Sweet Thing – Renee Carlino

You read the last sentence in the book, just before ‘The End’ and you get chills… just happened to me… sigh.. I’m in love with this book. It came at a moment when I was desperately looking for something different… something not as erotic and not filled with overwhelming sadness. I’d just given up on New Adult books and (in my best Godfather imitation) ‘just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in.’ 🙂

Mia is leaving her hometown of Ann Arbor to move to New York. On her flight she meets Will. Will is a musician, evidenced by the guitar case he’s carrying. And Mia’s initial reaction is to discourage him from making any conversation. See, Mia knows a thing or two about musicians. Her father was one. Mia herself is very gifted in music – is a classically trained pianist. But she’s grown up thinking that she should only make sensible choices. So as much as she’s gifted, she also has a business degree which she plans to use. No starving musicians in her future! So as sweet as Will is, she decides she’s better of with a banker or a lawyer… someone with more realistic goals and dreams.

I started out identifying so much with Mia. Unfortunately, and I say unfortunately because it is unfortunate, I am not the dance-like-nobody’s-watching kind of girl. But I’ll spare you my life stories 🙂 But yes, I identified with Mia. She, a bi-product of a carefree musician and a lawyer, got the best and the worst of both. She got the talent but the ludicrous idea that she has to know where her actions might lead her before actually doing anything.

Mia is also on her way to New York to run her father’s coffee shop. She’s also inherited his house and decides to look for a roomate and gets Will. Will was absolutely adorable… I loved him! He wears his heart on his sleeve and he made it clear from the beginning that he wanted Mia. Now I said I initially identified with Mia… halfway through the book I kinda hated her. I get why she went back and forth, indecisiveness is my middle name, but I felt like she was toying with Will… sigh

“You’re my best fucking friend, Mia. I wish it were more and I think you know that. You are the most guarded person I have ever met, yet everything you feel is right there on your face and you don’t even now it. Whatever you need me to be, I’ll be. Friends? Fine! Best friends? Great! I’ll do it, because I want you in my life more than anything I have ever wanted.”

And let’s talk about the writing. This is what completely sold me. It was so beautiful to read… the author put in some music quotes, even quotes from The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran which I love… there was art, music, love, laughter, sadness (but again not the overly heart wrenching kind)… it even had humor. That bit about feminism was hilarious.. and then this…

Still, I remained a die-hard feminist until my feelings for Will took over. All I wanted to do was wash his underwear and fold it into neat little packages that would smell like Snuggle and remind him that he was loved. I wanted to be his; I wanted him to own me. I would nourish his body with mine. I would feed his heart; his mind… his soul, and I wanted to do it while screaming, “What do you think of me now, Gloria Steneim?”

Ha…it was such a joy to read… it had everything in good measure… served up perfectly. I think I read it almost wistfully… I just related with so much in it… a bit scary but I surprisingly even made some real life decisions while reading it… it also made me realize that I should read more Contemporary Romance.. more books about real people with real problems…

And in the end, while I rooted for Will and shouted at Mia… it all came together… and again… chills.

5 stars!

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sweet thing

Finally I’d like to thank the author and Netgalley for providing this copy for my review.

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3 Responses to Blog Tour: Book Review – Sweet Thing – Renee Carlino

  1. Kelly says:

    I have read a lot of reviews about this book and initially I wanted to read it, but I noticed in all the reviews how much Mia is disliked because of her holding off of Will. I can not tell you how much I hate reading a book where the whole book is about the heroine pushing the hero away even though they really want them and then at the very end they become a couple but you don’t get to really spend time with the as a couple…the book is over and at this point you are thanking god because you can’t take anymore of the heroine. I

    • Initially I understood her indecisiveness but it started becoming a problem… that being said… I really loved this book… you should give it a try… she wasn’t anywhere as terrible as some of the others I’ve read…

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