Book Review – Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #1) – Lisa Renee Jones

After reading a book you tag as the best book you’ve read in 2013, you expect the next book you read to be a major disappointment. I did. But surprise surprise! Escaping Reality was anything but! Any novel that makes me sneak in reads while at the office is a winner in my book and believe me, I did more than sneak in reads… I spent my entire lunch hour hiding from colleagues just reading this one 🙂

I will say that I’m not sure how to classify it. The author classifies it as New Adult but I beg to differ. Having recently decided to stay away from the New Adult genre, I was apprehensive about this one. But it is Lisa Renee Jones who you might know from the If I Were You Trilogy, so I decided to give it a go. To me, while the main character, Amy, is 24, the book is more like romantic suspense with (really good) erotic romance elements…

So what’s it about? We meet Amy when she receives a note warning her to run. ‘They’ could find her at any moment and she should run. See, Amy is not even her real name. She’s in New York to hide from her past, but it’s clear that the past has caught up and she needs to move and re-invent herself… again. She goes to the airport and while waiting for her flight, she meets Liam. Liam Stone; Prodigy, protégé, billionaire.

There is a reason I stay away from men like Liam, men with experience and confidence. Men who make a girl who already can’t remember her name forget her name.

They end up on the same flight and their story begins. But it’s a story full of mysteries and half-truths. Amy has a past that will hurt Liam. So she decides to stay away from him, even thought she’s incredibly attracted to him. Liam, however, is not having no for an answer. He likes Amy, he’ll have Amy. Amy has no chance of resisting him.

“I’m good at being alone, Liam.”

“I don’t want you to be good at being alone. You aren’t alone anymore.”

“It’s too early for you to make promises like that.”

“No. It’s not…”

“You’re so confident.”

“About what I feel for you? Yes.”

“About everything.”

“Not everything,” he assures me. “You have this deer-in-headlights look sometimes that means you’re going to run. Run to me, Amy, not from me.”

I absolutely enjoyed this book. I loved the fact that everything was a mystery. Lisa Renee Jones should write full out mysteries because she does them really well. Sometimes you read a book where you uncover the secrets well before the unsuspecting heroine does, but not in this one. I just did not know who Amy was and what she was hiding.

But other than the mystery, we get the steam. Liam and Amy together = hot!

His hands flatten on the wall by my head but he does not touch me. He likes this, I think. To trap me. To be in control. And I like it. I like him being in control instead of the world outside. I like that when I hand control to him there is pleasure not pain.

There was the insta-love thing but I couldn’t bring myself to care. I was too caught up on what was going on… trying to uncover the mystery that is Amy Bensen.

Something else that Lisa Renee Jones knows how to do is love triangles. We also get the mysterious Jared… who I’m dying to figure out. And the mystery doesn’t end there… who does Meg really work for? Who is Amy’s ‘handler’? And how in the hell is Liam connected to all this? Is he connected?

Ah! I loved it! And yes, a cliffhanger that will have you branding Lisa Renee Jones a sadist! 🙂

4.5 stars.

Amazon Buy Link – Escaping Reality by Lisa Renee Jones

escaping reality

Finally I’d like to thank Julie Patra Publishing and NetGalley for providing this ARC for my review.

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3 Responses to Book Review – Escaping Reality (The Secret Life of Amy Bensen #1) – Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Gloria Herrera says:

    I absolutely agree with your review! I am dying for the second book…Hope NetGalley carries it and I get to read it soon!

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