Book Review – The Mistress (The Original Sinners #4) – Tiffany Reisz

Lord! Tiffany Reisz is brilliantly brutal… or brutally brilliant… but saying more would be giving away too much… Know this, she’s become my SI Unit for brilliant erotica!

I’m not sure I’m in the best state of mind to write a review. I make it a point to write my review immediately after finishing the book, when the emotions are still running high. But today, today it would be easier to write 50 superlatives, give this book infinite stars and then force you all to read it. Yes, this book, this series, deserves all the praise I could give it and then some. But seeing as a bunch of superlatives and a rating won’t make you all go out and worship Tiffany Reisz (as you should), I’ll try my best to write a review that will hopefully have the same result… 🙂

First an introduction for those who haven’t read The Original Sinners; The Mistress is the last of the Red Years Quartet, i.e. the adventures of Nora Sutherlin – dominant and erotica writer (the first three being The Siren, The Angel and The Prince). I’m sitting here feeling like it’s the end of an era, but after this we will get the White Years Quartet – the adventures of Eleanor Schreiber, the submissive (the years before she became the infamous Nora Sutherlin).

But if you have read The Original Sinners, particularly book #3, The Prince, then you remember that cliffhanger… Yes, that’s precisely where The Mistress begins. Nora is gone, and the three men in her life, Søren, Kingsley and Wesley are desperate to get her back. And in this attempt, we get to know more about them. If you ever thought you were Team Wesley then you’ll reconsider. I did. I mean I love Wesley, I always thought his love for Nora was so pure. Possibly what Nora needs. But we get to learn more about Nora, and if you thought she was in need of saving, then you thought wrong.

“Eleanor is no fox being chased by dogs. She’s as much hunter as hunted. And if she runs it’s because she wants to be chased. When she’s caught it’s because she wants to be caught.”

No, Søren is not the reason Nora is into kink.

“You know Søren’s not a vampire, right? He’s a sadist. You don’t turn kinky just because he bites you.”

Ha! So we do get to know Nora more. And in the same vein we get to know Søren more. I realized that in the beginning I saw Søren as the bad guy. And even as I started liking him in The Angel and fearing him in The Prince, only until The Mistress do I love him. Yes, I fell in love with him.

“Kingsley… you trust him, right?” Wesley asked, not sure he trusted the man at all.

“With my life,” Søren said, still not looking at him.

“Do you trust him with hers?”

“Same answer,” Søren said. “Same question.”

Ah Søren! I almost started thinking of Nora as the bad guy. She’s definitely not innocent, and Wesley could never be good for her.

Nora seemed the ultimate free spirit – she trod across the world in leather boots with black sails flying. And yet when she spoke of Søren she called him the man who owned her. Owning Nora sounded as dangerous as owning a nuclear bomb. Valuable and powerful it may be, but who would want that sort of thing under one’s own roof?

True! And the person I hate to love (love to hate) – Kingsley. We got to know him more in The Prince but I feel like this book humanized both Søren and him. Also he did utter possibly my favorite line in the book;

“No martyrs allowed in my bed. Only satyrs.


What I love most about the book is that it’s such a mix of things that you never thought could go so well together but they just do. And what’s more, this one has the suspense present in The Prince, but also filled with so much romance… and steam. Before I read The Siren, everyone told me that’s it’s not romance, well The Mistress changes all that. No, its not your typical romance but romance is there in spades. Søren’s love for Nora, Nora’s love for Wesley, Søren’s love for Kingsley, Kingsley’s love for Juliette… you will feel it all… and it even brought tears to my eyes :/

And the humor, as we know it from Nora, is still there… seriously, only two authors have made me laugh out loud while reading erotica.

Nora: Griffin… darling…. this message is for your cock. I’d like to spend the day with it if it would be so obliging. Have it call me back if interested.

Griffin: Yes, yes and yes. Oh, and my cock says yes too. And thanks for asking.

I love Nora! She tops my list of favorite heroines! If you haven’t read this series, about time to pick it up. It will take you out of your comfort zone, sure. But this is how writing is meant to be done. I’ve always thought The Angel was my favorite in the series but The Mistress has topped it. 

I now need to go recover, eagerly awaiting The White Years Quartet.

“..And when I wake up, you and I will be back together. I’ll be fifteen again and you’ll be twenty-nine and it will all start over again – you and I…”

Please wake me up when the The Priest is released.

5 endless stars.

Amazon Buy Link: The Mistress by Tiffany Reisz

the mistress

Finally I’d like to thank Harlequin and Netgalley for providing this ARC for my review.

The Original Sinners Reading Order 


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17 Responses to Book Review – The Mistress (The Original Sinners #4) – Tiffany Reisz

  1. Bennita says:

    I still haven’t read any of these books yet and every time I read one of your reviews I say I’ll read that book next. Well, I can’t wait anymore. My curiosity has overruled my need to read my other books in my TBR pile. Once again, Jesse, you’ve sucked me right in!!! You are such a bad influence!!! I’m downloading these books immediately.

  2. mlynpeters says:

    This is the best review I have read yet !!!! It both feeds the intense desire in me to read this book & fuels my anxiety that it is not in my hands right now!! Thank you! Thank you for the MANY snippets that have just fed my hunger !!

    • Thanks 🙂 I really wanted to make it spoiler free and since I had just finished the book it was hard keeping things out…. glad you’re excited for it… I’ve re-read some parts already… that’s how good it is!

  3. Kath says:

    Great review! I love these books, and you did a great job of being enthusiastic (fangirly *g*) without giving anything away. I loved loved loved the ending of The Mistress.

  4. Mary Haskins Dicks says:

    Would love to read this series but too expensive

  5. Iris de Leon-Wade says:

    I completely agree!! 5 Stars!! Tiffany Reisz is favorite writer!! I would love to meet her one day. Her mind fascinates me. I can’t wait to read The Mistress several times like I have done with the first 3 in the series. I can never get enough of her writing.

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  7. Kris says:

    Finished “The Mistress” today. Just sat and looked at my iPad for a long time before I could process what I had read. This is my favorite book in the series so far. That conversation between Soren and Nora in the library had me in tears. Felt like a voyeur witnessing one of the most intimate conversations I have ever read. I really liked how she incorporated so many characters and their feelings into the story. And my God, the ending…………….what do you say about that?

    • Kris… I’m officially in love with you! You said everything I wanted to say but held back…I had so many intense moments with this book…. my favorite being Nora and Soren …and the knife (have to be careful not to sell secrets out here…)… that whole conversation…. and then that ending….and on twitter she says to me something like ‘that was the happiest of endings’ …er… yes and no… 🙂 she’s brilliant this woman is!

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