Book Review – Beauty Touched The Beast (Beauty #1) – Skye Warren

Looking for a short, sweet, steamy read? Well you’ve found it!

Having read and loved Skye Warren’s Wanderlust, I was on the lookout for more of her books. I just assumed all would be Dark Erotica but she told me that she’s written something… light. So I decided to give this a go.

Erin is a college student working as a house cleaner to pay her school fees. She works for Blake Morris, a reclusive ex solder. She has feelings for him but has never let it known, until she finds him moaning her name…

Blake has feelings for Erin but he is much older and scarred, both inside and out. He believes that a girl as beautiful and as flawless as Erin would want nothing to do with him. But Erin is different…

His burns and coarse features might make him repulsive to some, but when she looked at him she saw only Blake, with his brilliant ideas and gruff kindness.

I usually don’t like short reads. But I was having a reading crisis – I’d started 3 books that I just did not get into so I decided a short read just might be the cure. And a cure it was. While it is too short (30 pages or less) it is well written. You will not get their back stories, nor are there any other characters. But it is a sweet story of an unlikely couple. A sweet scarred man and the girl who loves him.

“Just looking at you ruins me. I love to look at you. I could look at you lying spread like this forever. Open to me, wet and flushed – forever and never grow tired.”

Sigh… I never could resist a tortured man…

Amazon Buy Link: Beauty Touched The Beast by Skye Warren (It’s free!)


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7 Responses to Book Review – Beauty Touched The Beast (Beauty #1) – Skye Warren

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    I’ve got a bit of an obsession with all things Beauty and the Beast so I enjoyed this short when I read it.

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