Rants and Raves – Of Paranormal Romance…

The other day someone on Facebook told me that she’s never read Paranormal Romance (PNR). She wondered what it is about the genre that I love so much. Weirdly enough, I can’t put my finger on just one thing I like about this genre.

For some reason I’ve ended up attracting more Erotic Romance authors and readers on my blog than any other genre. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining, far from it. But it does mean that I don’t read nearly as much PNR as I’d love. So to appease the side of me that LOVES this genre, I decided to talk a bit about it.

I don’t particularly remember growing up loving paranormal shows or reading paranormal stories. Then one day I’m about to leave my university campus, it was a 20 minute tram ride to my apartment so I decided to pass by the library. There was one table where anyone could put magazines or fiction books for others to read and I found myself looking at a copy of Twilight. I know I know, Twilight. Surprisingly, I had not even heard of Twilight. I was studying in a different country and I don’t think it was big in Europe yet. Most of my classmates were Americans so I suppose one of them dropped the book there. Anyway, so I took the copy and got on the tram.


20 minutes later, I’m hooked and I forego my assignments to read. I loved it so much I watched the movie (which I hated), then bought the next books in the series. Turns out I didn’t like book two and I couldn’t move past the first few pages of the massive book 3 so I ended up leaving all of them at the same table I collected the first.

That’s my first memory of reading PNR. About a year later, I moved back to Holland and met my friend V. She was (and still is) addicted to True Blood. So that got me back to fantasizing about vampires and shifters BIG TIME! Sigh, the hottest vampire and shifter 🙂

true blood

I then discovered JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood, the best PNR series ever! 🙂 I read book 1 to 6 as if I was on fire! I couldn’t imagine reading anything else! Think sexy sexy vampires who fall in love with (mostly) unsuspecting humans… I was on cloud 9!


So what is it that I like so much about PNR… I still don’t have a direct answer to that. Maybe it’s because I wonder how exciting it would be if all these Vampires and lycanthropes existed… maybe it’s because it’s all so scary exciting… Maybe it’s because these preternaturals seem to believe more in soulmates… they seem to love harder… in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series for example, once they’ve ‘bonded’ they mark their mates with their scent to make sure everyone knows…. and they have to tattoo the name of their partner on their backs… that gets me everytime 😉


Also in another favorite, the Alpha Omega Series by Aline Hunter, this is how the Omega (a shifter who is not only a were-shifter but bears the mark of all the other shifter races –  meaning he can shift into almost anything) knows he’s met THE ONE…

He knew he was fucked the minute he lifted her in his arms and all the beasts beneath his skin growled in contentment, each one brushing against the inside of his skin. They came at the same time, fighting for a place to break free and make their own unique mark of claim. The animal forms he possessed had chosen random females they’d appreciated over the years, but never had they voiced approval at the same time.

swoon disney

I love that whole claiming, marking business… and yes my boyfriend is rolling his eyes as he reads this 🙂

Now because PNR excites me so much, I decided to give Urban Fantasy a try. Unfortunately not my cup of tea. That world includes too many preternaturals, I found that my mind couldn’t keep up! That being said I bow down to UF authors. Coming up with such a complicated world requires a mind like no other!

Now I’ll end with my recommendations. As I said, I don’t read the genre as much as I’d like and I’ve received various recommendations that I’m yet to get to. But I definitely recommend the Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and these others that I loved;

seithe omega Pageflex Persona [document: PRS0000027_00013]

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17 Responses to Rants and Raves – Of Paranormal Romance…

  1. Bennita says:

    I was basically forced to read Twilight after a friend of mine hounded me for weeks. She was appalled that I never heard of it or saw the movie, so I decided to give it a chance. I was immediately hooked – and this was my first paranormal read. I blew right through the rest of the series and saw the movie at least 20 times. Although the movie really wasn’t that great, I was so obsessed with the characters I didn’t care. After that, a friend of mine recommended The Black Dagger Brotherhood series from J. R. Ward. That was it for me. That is the best paranorml series out there in my opinion. Once I got a taste of Wrath, that was the ballgame. I also fell in love with Gena Showalter, Larissa Ione and Sherilynn Kenyon’s books as well. For awhile that’s all I would read, then Fifty Shades reared it’s ugly head and now I’m hooked on erotic romance. I definitely read more of that now than my first love, but I find myself in a paranormal slump because I compare everything to my favorite paranormal authors and rarely find other books that compare. I tried reading Urban Fantasy, but there’s just not enough romance for me or maybe it’s just the books I’ve read. There are just too many good books out now and not enough time!

    • So so true! I have so many Sherilynn Kenyon and Kresley Cole books not to mention the random ones I pick up as amazon freebies but I just never get to them. Erotic Romance has completely trampled on all the other genres I love and I keep trying to place in one or two PNR in my TBR list so that I’m not stuck just reading Erotic Romance…. sigh.. I’m going to decided to read 5 PNR in a row and ignore Erotic Romance for a while… I’ve really missed my Vampires! Speaking of, I need to go back to BDB.. I still haven’t read book 7 even though I know Rehv will probably be my favorite 🙂

  2. Michelle says:

    Confession: I have not read BDB, even though it has been recommended to me, multiple times, by very different people.

    I had been on a “vampire kick” for years, then I just got tired of it, after reading the first few Sookie Stackhouse novels. Unlike some Harris purists, I’m addicted to “True Blood,” probably because it deviates enough from the books to make it a completely new take on the genre. But most likely, because there’s man candy to ogle every week, of all ages, shapes, sizes. Show me a great chest, arms, ass..add a deep, sexy voice…and I’m done!

    Once I realized I had a thing for warm-blooded shifter, wolves and bears, in particular, I sttarted looking EVERYWHERE for good PNR. Have you read Shelly Laurenston’s Pack and/or Pride series or Christine Warren’s “The Others” series? Both are great and must-buys for me. In fact, I preorder ebooks and paperbacks for both of their series. Not so, with many other authors.

    Recently, I’ve fallen in lust with Alexandra Ivy and Laura Wright’s “Bayou Heat” series. Steamy novella yumminess. I read Lauren Dane’s Cascadia wolves series, but had some trouble getting through it (There’s a cringe-worthy “tradition” that just didn’t sit well with me, and it’s repeated in all the books, so I just advance through those sections, now.)

    My first love, right now, is erotic romance. When it’s combined with contemporary PNR characters, I’m in heaven. (No NA, though, please. Yuck). Urban Fantasy is not my thing, nor are historicals or dystopian stories. I like stuff set in the present where people are going through issues I can identify with.

    • I’ve actually never read the Sookie Stackhouse series and I’ve always wondered if True Blood does the books justice… interesting that it deviates but I LOVE it! What surprised me is the humor in it! I originally thought it was all blood and gore so it was a pleasant

      Thanks for the other recommendations! I’ll definitely look for Shelly Laurenston and Christine Warren… seriously I wish I could dedicate a week or two just for this.

      Michelle you need to tell me why you hate NA so much! Or do you have a post about it? I’ll be on your blog searching!

      • Michelle says:

        NA is just ALL over the place, right now. It has over saturated the market, and while there have been some notable exceptions, I’m over the tattooed/billionaire/rock star/biker trope. These are typically emotionally unavailable, womanizing men to stay AWAY from. Doesn’t anyone watch “Gangland,” but me? LOL

        Seriously, though, it’s my age. I’ve been in my 20s and 30s and want to ready about older, more mature characters with real life baggage. Not ANOTHER law student screwing a tortured biker with a heart of gold, that only she can see. (Tattoos are sexy on the right men, though).

        That’s why I ask how old the characters are, before I read the story. I don’t like to be “surprised” by the characters’ ages. I’ve read some good stuff about people in their 20s, it’s just not my preferred style.

        But, my “bias” bit me in the ass, and I do talk about it on my blog: http://nursewannabeinfl.com/2013/06/11/book-review-searching-for-moore-by-julie-a-richman/

      • LOL… this made me laugh… it’s a rant all on its own! I’m unsure about NA.. some I love, most not so much. All I know for sure is I can’t stand YA but then again I’m sure I’m not it’s target audience. I just tried one very popular NA book and I was just so uncomfortable with 17 year olds being the main characters..

        I think the billionaire is jaded but some manage to do it well, I don’t like the rockstar but I have one I kinda liked, I love the biker though you’re right, that heart of gold is in the eye of the beholder and that tattooed guy, my! I went to the beach after my post and I saw tattoos everywhere… as you can imagine this man of mine refused to entertain my latest addiction! :/

        PS. Just added Searching for Moore to my TBR.. I see a cliffhanger though :/

      • Michelle says:

        “Searching for Moore,” DEFINITELY has a cliffhanger. So, consider yourself warned! Even though I knew there was a cliffhanger, and saw it coming, this was my reaction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOBr8lOTZ6I

        As you can tell by the review, which I wrote after a f#ckin’ all-nighter reading the book, I was sucked in.

        I’ve since cooled down and become friends with the author. ❤ LOL

  3. andrea1133 says:

    Don’t forget Jeaniene Frost Night Huntress Series or Gena Showalters Lords of the underworld. Katie MacAlister’s Dragon series any of them!!! The Dark Light Series by S.L. Jennings. H.P. Mallory has a few different PNR series. Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series. And the list goes on.

    Thanks for this post. I wish more people opened up to the genre for sure. They are some of my all time favorite

  4. Sheila says:

    I am going start reading the books that you suggested from JR Ward. I am looking forward to it.

  5. Kelly Adams says:

    I just recently started reading more paranormal I recently finished the Fever series and Iced by Karen Marie Moaning and I loved those books, and I have just finished The Dark Prince in The Dark Light Series, but I have not read any of J.R. Ward’s work and will most definitely be checking it out now thanks Jessie!

  6. Anonymous says:

    Ladies don’t forget Bianca D’Arc – start with Lords of Were first, then Interno:Tales of the Were then leading into One & Only Bk1 (through to bk 6), Christine Feehan – Dark series, Dianne Duvall – Darkness Dawns (bk1 to 3), Dixie Lynn Dwyer – Were She Belongs (bk1 to 3), F E Heaton – Prophecy: Child of Light (bk1 to 4??), Jade Cooper – Dark Consent (bk1 to 3), Lara Adrian – Kiss of Midnight (bk1 to 11), Lisa Renee Jones – Hot Vampire Kiss (bk1 to 3), Tina Folsom – Samson’s Lovely Mortal (bk1 to 6), Tymber Dalton – Trouble comes in threes (Bk1 to 4) and last but not least if you liked Twilight, Richelle Mead – Vampire Academy series is good (but I wouldn’t bother with the spin off series though!) If I have missed any, please let me know as I love this genre as well as the “This Man series, FSOF & Up in the Air” but I must have my fix of PNR too 🙂

    • Oh wow! I think I just might go broke buying all these books! I’ve heard of Lara Adrian’s books and I just recently found out that Lisa Renee Jones writes PNR… I’ve read a BDSM Tymber Dalton book, didn’t know she writes PNR… and I’ve seen Tina Folsom PNR freebies… the rest are all knew to me! I can’t wait to discover them all. But has anyone read Nicky Charles? Her Law of the Lycan’s series is free on amazon and smashwords… the entire series! And I’ve heard it’s good…

  7. JMossReads says:

    Nothing and I mean nothing beats PNR!

    And JR Wards BDB series?? – one of the best series out there, hands down.

  8. I was so bewitched by Paranormal Romance from an early age that I read it for years. Then at my old age, I sat down and wrote 5 books about a Paranormal Romance. I just have it in my blood… so to speak 😉 Lots of love, Emily

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