Book Review – Being Me (Inside Out #2) – Lisa Renee Jones

Being Me begins at the exact place book #1, If I Were You, left off. Sara is at the storage unit and if you’ve read If I Were You, then you remember the massive cliffhanger… so yes, you have to read this one to find out what happens next 🙂

But let’s focus on other things in the book as I attempt to write a spoiler free review. I found book 1 to be more suspenseful than book 2. Book 2 was all about Chris and Sara. And believe me I’m not complaining! It focused on their growing relationship… two damaged souls seeking each other out, yet afraid of the repercussions a relationship with this much depth could cause. Sara as we know had an awful childhood. Book 1 even hinted at an abusive relationship. And in Being Me we get the full details of her relationship with her father and her ex.

Problem is, Sara is very afraid of telling Chris the truth about her past. She sees that Chris is a damaged man. She sees the weight he carries on his shoulders, and when another tragedy happens, she worries that telling him her story will not only break them apart, it will also push him over the edge.

Yes, this one was more angsty… steamier even. We still don’t fully get to understand Chris, especially since he’s convinced that fully knowing him will drive Sara away. But what we do know is that as tormented as he is (ad we really get to see his torment), he has this amazing love and sweetness and I absolutely loved how he protected Sara… and possessed her…

“Is that what we’re back to, Sara? I’m fucking you? Is that where last night took us again? Why you were all over me in a parking lot? Because if you want me to fuck you, I’ll fuck you until you can’t remember your damn name and you never forget mine.

But let’s not forget Mark. We only get to know slightly more about him. But not nearly enough. I was hoping for this to be an explosive love triangle but it wasn’t. Chris and Sara love each other and Mark is watching from the sidelines. I expected him to try harder and was only a bit disappointed that the love triangle wasn’t explored the way I wished it could have been… but to be honest it still provided some angst.

“It says you’re mine,” he informs me his voice low, intense, “and I want him to know you’re mine.”

“And you Chris?” I challenge instead. “Are you mine?”

“Every bit of me, baby, good and bad.”

Sigh… I loved these two together.

The reason I say that this book wasn’t as suspenseful as book 1 is that I feel as if Sara forgot her quest to find Rebecca. She would of course remember that Rebecca’s missing and that Ella is also missing but I felt like these were afterthoughts. Of course it’s only because her relationship with Chris was so consuming, so I understand the distraction, in fact I loved the dstraction, but if I had a missing friend I’d do more than call around. But well, I also don’t have a gorgeous artist to distract me 🙂

He owns my pleasure. He owns me. It is a terrifying thought because I’m not sure I will ever have that power over him. Not the way he does over me.

As I enjoyed this angsty haze, the last few chapters happened. Actually ‘happened’ is the wrong word, more like exploded! The suspense that was lacking was here in spades and if this was a TV show I’d have been at the edge of my seat. Yes, secrets are revealed, an in-control man loses control and a relationship faces an ultimatum.

4.5 stars!

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being me

Finally I’d like to thank Gallery Books and Netgalley for providing this copy for my review.

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4 Responses to Book Review – Being Me (Inside Out #2) – Lisa Renee Jones

  1. Kelly says:

    Is there a part three? Or does it end

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