Book Review – The Dark Prince ( Dark Light #2) – SL Jennings

Holy mother of incredibly awesome sequels!!! Yes, be prepared for one of those reviews made up of superlative after superlative… and about a dozen exclamation marks 🙂

It’s almost difficult to write a review for this book without posting spoilers because so many secrets are revealed. So before I go any further, you have to read Book #1, The Dark Light… click here to read my review.

Gabriella now knows who Dorian really is and she feels betrayed. She decides to confront him and learns truths that she never expected. Lord this book did me in! I wanted to shout its brilliance EVERYWHERE! It had the right mix of suspense, mystery, angst, steam… and love. God the latter… my closet romanticism came out to play and was left completely sated 🙂 And let’s not forget the steam level in this one!

“I am going to own every part of you. Only me,” he grits. “Tell me no one else will have you. Tell me I own this.”

Dorian, Dorian, Dorian! So incredibly sexy, so incredibly honest, and the way he expresses his love…

“You just don’t get it, do you? By linking myself to you, I’ve made your emotions my own. But I’ve also allowed you access to my heart. You control it; it is yours. If you stopped loving me, it would literally kill me.”

Yes, that was how deep it ran.

“I love you, Gabriella. More than my next breath. More than anyone could ever love another.”

Sigh… But other than the angst and the steam, we had the conflict. Dorian is dark, so if Gabriella chooses the Light, they can’t be together. In fact, they would have to fight for opposing sides. Gabriella knows she has a choice to make, especially since both sides, but more so the Dark, are trying to influence her choice.

I absolutely enjoyed her journey. She was almost not the same girl in book #1. In Book #1, I didn’t like her, did not relate. This time I did… very much so.

Has Dorian finally sexed me into stupefied submission?

Ha! I loved her 🙂 She was feisty, funny, but more so, human. Yes, about to become the biggest thing in the paranormal world, but still very human in her choices, her confusion, her love. I understood what she was going through, having so many choices to make, not only about her destiny, but about the man she loves.

All the problems I had with book #1 were resolved in this one. In book #1 we knew the secrets way before the heroine did and it was a bit irritating waiting for her to catch up… in book #2, I didn’t see any of that coming! I was shocked and sometimes downright floored when secrets were revealed. I lived every minute with them, and loved every second.

5 stars!

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3 Responses to Book Review – The Dark Prince ( Dark Light #2) – SL Jennings

  1. Lynette says:

    OMG I loved loved loved this book (and the series) too. I cannot wait for book 3- I hope it’s not too far off!! 🙂

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