Rants and Raves – Of Plagiarism…

I once got an interview with one of my favorite authors and I was super stoked about it. I wanted to ask her a naughty question and I kept wondering how to phrase it and not make it sound too… what’s the word… lewd maybe? Well I didn’t want to offend her so I spent some time wording it. About two months later, the same author had been interviewed in another blog so I decided to check it out. To my surprise the last four questions (including the one I spent like 15 minutes wording) were exactly the same!

So I, being the goodie-two-shoes who never let even her best friend copy her exam, felt quite angry about it. So I emailed the blogger (not sure what I was hoping to accomplish) and let her know that those questions were exactly like mine. She responds and says, “great minds think alike.”

eyeroll harry






So here I am thinking, unless we’re Siamese twins connected by brain, no way we worded, especially that question, exactly alike. Anyway, it’s not like she stole my discovery for the cure for cancer, so I just let it be.

Just the other day, the whole plagiarism scandal broke out. It was doing the rounds on blogs and Facebook but if you haven’t seen it, allow me.

On June 26, Dear Author posts “The Plagiarizing of Tammara Webber’s Easy by @JordinBWilliams“. Turns out Jordin Williams, published a book called  Amazingly Broken which apparently did so well, it was No. 58 in the US Kindle store. However large parts of her book were stolen from Easy by Tamara Weber, and yet another part, from Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire! Dear Author has the text to prove it so check it out.

So I’m thinking, I was pissed off because a blogger stole 4 questions, can you imagine how livid I’d be if someone plagiarized my book?!

Then the plot thickens. Turns out, and you can read it all in this post, some very perceptive people discovered that a few author profiles on Goodreads seem to be linked. Under Liz Thomas’ page, you find the book ‘Finding Cassilia’ by Emily Curran. But on Amazon, Finding Cassilia is supposedly by Liz Thomas…. check out that discussion here. Wouldn’t be that suspicious to me because some authors write under different pen names. But these two, Emily and Liz, are apparently linked to a Beth Klein who, other than using another person’s photo as herself, was also promoting Amazingly Broken (the plagiarized book by Jordin Williams). All of them belong to a group called “Sexy Romance” on Goodreads and they’ve only read one book; Amazingly Broken.  Their next to-read book? Cherry Popper by KA Andrews. Turns out KA Andrews and Jordin Williams just might be the same person!

So one of my favorite bloggers says that after finding out the links between Jordin Williams and KA Andrews, she emailed KA to cancel a scheduled blog tour participation, and sometime later, KA’s account was deleted.

Reads like a mystery novel doesn’t it? And what’s a mystery without a cool visual?

plagiarism visual

So, as I was compiling yesterday’s freebie list, I found a book that looked interesting enough but some commenters claimed it was the exact same book with name changes as another book by a different author. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I’ve seen a discussion on amazon along the same lines. And let’s not forget other past plagiarism claims

The fact that so many of these fake authors exist scares me. And especially now in the era of e-books, seriously, it’s plenty scary!

But I’ll end with an awesome graphic by author CD Reiss;

against plagiarism

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11 Responses to Rants and Raves – Of Plagiarism…

  1. Lynn booth says:

    Damn is the goidreads group ‘sexy romance’ legit? I am still kinda new/unsure of how to use goodreads but i joined that group a while back. How can i ‘unjoin’ if its in anyway untoward ??? 😦

    • Hey Lynn! On the Group page there should be a ‘You are a member. Edit.” If you click on the ‘Edit’ you should be taken to a different page where there’s a ‘Leave This Group’ link. I see a lot of my GR friends in it so I’m not sure how real or fake the group is…

  2. So let me stir the pot and say, as a writer, I have had my book PIRATED from companies on the internet. When I went to write them to take off my books from their site, they targeted me with a hate campaign that has given my books 1 star reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and Barnes and Nobles… HOWEVER, I can’t them to take them down. So even though plagiarism is horrible and I don’t discount it… what do you think about someone STEALING YOUR BOOK and making a profit on it and when you speak out, you get punished. Something’s got to give in this because Bad Karma is swirling all around the publishing world!!! Lots of love, Emily

  3. Michelle says:

    This must’ve been the week for posts about plagiarists, part deux, because I went off, as well. I mean, wasn’t it less than two weeks ago that someone stole Lorelei James’ work and received legal notice, to cease and desist? Un-freakin’-believable.

    Here was my rant: http://nursewannabeinfl.com/2013/06/27/the-slippery-slope-between-fanfiction-and-plagiarizing-an-authors-work/

    I guess we just need to keep posting their plagiarist names next to the word THIEF a million times on the Internet, and it may start to sink in. I just don’t know, but the fight continues.

    • Love your rant Michelle! Also I loved the Secretary 🙂 Also NA – YA’s sexed up cousin… lol…

      But in all seriousness unless we name and shame how else can we help?! I got this from ana author on fb: I’ve heard of ‘robbers’ copying an entire novel, posting it up on Amazon, and then having them reporting the real author as the one who stole their work (because Amazon takes you down without so much as an email to verify who wrote it). This ebook generation has become a minefield for authors as we’re stripped of basic rights by the big sellers (we click ‘agree with TOC when we publish, and those TOC’s change constantly). Imagine that! Someone takes the last year of your life, fobs it off as their own, and you’re the one whose account is frozen and you’re the one kicked off the virtual bookshelves. It’s a despicable and dangerous world for an author at the moment.

      I didn’t know all this was happening! Incredible!

      • Michelle says:

        The key is the legal action, IMHO, but the Catch-22 is that Indie authors don’t have the deep pockets the traditional publishing companies have. Once, an author registers her book, it should have an ISBN number associated with it. It’s crucial to prove who “filed” it, first, if we are to go after thieves. Other than that, public blaming and shaming is what we’ve got. This whole system, makes me nuts, because it’s almost set up to be “hacked” and the legitimate, honest people pay the price. ARGH!!!

      • Agreed! An author I love got signed and she told me she had to think about it and eventually agreed because she would spend so much of her time checking online for pirated copies of her books and now she can just relax and write… I feel for self-pub authors because they lack these resources :/

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