Book Review – Dark Light (Dark Light #1) – SL Jennings

I love, absolutely love, Paranormal Romance, but I hardly ever read the genre because my friends keep recommending Erotica instead. And even when I do get to read Paranormal Romance, it’s always Paranormal Erotica. So when I got Dark Light (more like New Adult Paranormal Romance) I thought, hmmmm… nice change of pace 🙂

Dark Light is about Gabriella. She’s pretty much grown up being mediocre. There’s nothing to her that makes people take notice. On her 20th birthday, her adoptive parents let her in on a secret. She is anything but ordinary. They give her her birth mother’s journal. And she begins to learn her true identity. She’s never thought of magic before, but she’s part of it… and not just any part, the most powerful part of them all. Of the two forces, Light and Dark, she is both, the first of her kind. She’s confused by her identity, but it’s in her best interest to get un-confused fast, because both the dark and the light want her… and even if she chooses sides, death might still be imminent.

In this confusion she meets Dorian Skotos. Handsome, sexy, rich Dorian. She’s attracted to him, and with him, she enjoys pleasures she never knew were possible. But there’s something about Dorian. Something downright dark and menacing… yet he’s the only one who can truly understand her.

As I said, I was super excited to start this. I absolutely loved the mystery and suspense elements of the book. Though I figured out most of it before our unsuspecting heroine did, I still wanted to find out more. When it comes to mystery and suspense, I’m like a dog with a born… I NEED to get my amateur sleuth game face on and figure it all out. And that I enjoyed.

What I did not enjoy was the heroine. She was giggly (gah!) and so so clueless. So many things were right in front of her and she just couldn’t see it. And even when she did, she would let it slide and go back to her clueless self. Yes, I almost, almost skimmed… but something held me back…

Unfortunately the book ends with yet another clue to Dorian’s identity. I mean, we’ve figured it out… but his intentions are unclear… and the small clue makes me wonder if he could also be… no… I shouldn’t give any spoilers…

I’m truly hoping that once Gabriella ascends to power she’ll stop being so clueless and I can’t wait to see if she chooses sides and if she does, what does that mean for her relationship with Dorian? Also where does Morgan fit in with all the magic going around? And who the hell is the Icepick Murderer?! Yup, on to book #2 I go!

3.5 Stars!

Amazon Buy Link: Dark Light by SL Jennings

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Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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