Rants and Raves – Of Search Terms…

So when I really have nothing to do I entertain myself by checking my blog’s statistics. You can get how many people have viewed your site, the most viewed post… etc… but the most exciting is the search terms that lead people to my site…

1. The most searched authors are Jodi Ellen Malpas and RK Lilley. For those who don’t know them (?!) here are their (incredibly awesome) books…

this manbeneathTHIS MAN CONFESSED

in flightmile 2Groundedbad things

2. The most searched term is ‘controlling/possessive men’. No surprise there! I do love these crazy men! If you’re still searching, check out these books…





3. I also get book questions. From the weird;

“will nora and soren die?”

 “will soren end up with nora?” 

To the sane 🙂

“does megan hart author have a book after broken with sadie and joe?”

Since I love Megan Hart’s books so much, I have to recommend them to whoever wrote this question. I can’t possibly list all her books but here are a few…

stranger naked dirty the space btw

4. Just plain weird search terms…

“husband cheat erotic +18 full movie”

“cut scene from arousing movies”

“my wife loves possessive erotic literature”

hmm  <—- This was my face when I read the above 🙂

5. Sadly I also get people looking to illegally download books 😦 So far I’ve gotten this;

“release me j kenner free download”,

“where can i download release me by j kenner”,

“where can i read tessa bailey his risk to take for free”,

“where to read lynda chance books novels free”,

“download breach k.i.lynn”,

“read the dark duet series online for free”

No God Please  <—- Now this is me…

Good news is, you can download them on amazon and….. support the author who labored to give you that story you want so much!

Now that that’s done, I’m about to start reading Officer Off Limits by Tessa Bailey! God I love her books! To whichever alpha male I’m about to meet in this one…


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3 Responses to Rants and Raves – Of Search Terms…

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  2. Hahahaha some of the searches are so hillarious. I hope who ever husband that is found a good Smut book for his wife. Lol

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