Book Review – Illicit Intent – Tina Donahue

What’s your wildest erotic wish?

I started reading Illicit Intent with a clear answer to that question but by the time I was done reading I’d already changed my wish 😉

Piper’s wildest erotic wish is two incredibly hot alpha males ravishing her and using her for their pleasure and hers. Piper is curvy and though she’d like to think of herself as curvy-licious as Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez, she has the feeling that it doesn’t quite come off that way. So she imagines her erotic wish as beyond reach. Her best friend Elaine has other plans. For Piper’s 30th birthday, she hires two male escorts (Joel and Guy), exactly as Piper had described, one blond, one dark… Though Piper is a bit apprehensive at first, she realizes that this is her only chance to make her wish come true and it does. What she doesn’t expect is that this one night will change her outlook of the world. Can she go back to her dull existence?

This worry is coupled by the fact that her dad works in law enforcement. If he knew what her daughter was up to, with escorts no less, all hell would break loose!

I absolutely enjoyed Piper’s journey. She had a lot of insecurities but she really fought them head on. I was surprised at how easily (well… relatively easily) she lost her inhibitions. The games ranged from BDSM play (mostly whips) to exhibitionism and she took it in stride. Proving a lot to herself but also impressing both Joel and Guy.

I LOVED both Joel and Guy. One more reserved than the other but both equally lusting after Piper… and not just her body… just… her…

I loved how it all played out. I mean it was steamy as hell (reason why I now have a new fantasy 😉 ) but it was also incredibly sweet. I liked Piper’s fighting spirit, loved both Joel and Guy’s ways and absolutely loved the ending. Was the end a little bit predictable? Sure. But for a fantasy, it hit all the right spots.

4 Stars!

Amazon Buy Link: Illicit Intent by Tina Donahue


Finally I’d like to that the author and LitConnect for providing this copy for my review.

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