Book Review + Giveaway – Driven (Driven Trilogy Book #1) – K. Bromberg

Rylee is at a charity event that she has helped organize when she finds herself accidentally locked in a closet. When her claustrophobia starts to kick in she yells for help and Colton Donovan comes to the rescue. Sexy sexy Colton Donovan.

From a step back, the man is even more disarming now that I’m able to drink in the whole length of him. Imperfectly perfect and sexy as hell with a smirk suggesting arrogance and an air exuding trouble.

She’s immediately attracted to him, until she realizes he’s a womanizer who has made out with at least one other guest. Her bid to distance herself from him doesn’t go as planned. See, Colton is used to women fawning all over him, and he sees the only one to say no, Rylee, as a challenge.

Rylee is almost put off by his arrogance… almost. But that is the least of her worries. A past that left her with both physical and emotional scars makes it impossible for her to get close to men. She hasn’t been attracted to one in a long time. Her best friend Haddie has watched Rylee struggle with her past, and she feels it’s time to move on… if only for a little while… and who best to help her move on than the sexy as sin Colton Donovan?!

“He’s probably great in bed,” she smirks wickedly. “I bet he fucks like he drives – a little reckless, pushing all the limits, and in it until the very last lap.”

Rylee decides to give it a try. Others can have a friends with benefits type of thing, so why shouldn’t she? While things heat up (and I mean super steamy heat up!) Rylee starts getting to know Colton. She can see that there’s something from his past that’s unresolved. Something that has turned him into this ‘use them and leave them’ kind of man. And due to her job and her nature, she can’t help but try to save him. Unfortunately Colton doesn’t need her help…

It was such a rollercoaster of feelings. At first I felt it was a bit too descriptive. Rylee (just like me) overanalyses everything! Since it’s a trait that I so unfortunately have, I can finally see why it annoys people :/ But truth be told, I identified with her. So much so that when the things that annoy me about myself cropped up, I’d be a tad pissed at her for reminding me that I need to fix them in myself! 🙂

Anyway, the angst then picks up. We get to know what happened to Rylee and it will break your heart… and then we get glimpses of Colton’s past, though not enough to get the entire picture. And on top of that is the story of these two, so desperately needing each other but keep fighting it. Especially Colton, he was confusing me how back and forth he went, but all totally understandable I thought. That was exactly the thing, they both reasonated with me too much… made me feel immensley for them, for what they could have but wouldn’t allow themselves to have.

Music played a big role in the book. They communicated through music and a wide range of genres at that. I love when couples do that. Reminds me of when I used to do that 🙂 I absolutely loved when Colton started opening up… not just about his past, but also his feelings… sigh…

Not inconsequential, Rylee. You could never be inconsequential,” … He rests his forehead to mine, our noses brushing each other’s. “No –  you and me – together,” he grinds the words out, “That would make you mine.”

I can’t even describe those last few chapters. I was smiling, then I was swooning, then I was fanning myself, then I was almost in tears because of how sweet it was, then I actually got teary because of that end… sigh… yes, a cliffhanger, and I absolutely have to see what happens with this two.

A beautiful story, and not just Colton and Rylee’s story… but Zander’s and all the kids… so full of hope… just beautiful.

4 stars!

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driven k bromberg

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I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.


One e-copy is up for grabs! All you have to do is comment… since music plays such a huge role in this book, comment and let me know your favorite song right now… or favorite song ever… write fifty of them if you have as much 🙂 Don’t forget to head over to and like the page!

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17 Responses to Book Review + Giveaway – Driven (Driven Trilogy Book #1) – K. Bromberg

  1. Lynn Booth says:

    Fave song right now is waiting all night by rudimental or trouble maker by olly murs.

  2. Christina says:

    hmmm…fave song..i have been hung up on Breaking Benjamin and Three Days Grace the past few months OH and Halestorm! Also LOVE me some Ed Sheeran Cant really say i have a fave song right now but these are the bands/ ppl ive been listing to ALOT here lately 🙂

  3. misslovely1012 says:

    Thank You by Led Zeppelin. Has been my favorite song since I was in high school. 🙂

  4. Cindy says:

    Anything Could Happen by Ellie Goulding

  5. Stacy says:

    Ughhh, Music is my drug, so I have billions of favorites 🙂 I love all Bruce Springsteen, seriously, there’s not one that I don’t love!!! But, I’m a country girl, so…anything by Luke Bryan, Crash my Party is one of my current faves. And, I love, love, love Redneck Crazy by Tyler Farr…I could go on for days, so I’ll stop now ❤

  6. Karen G. says:

    I love anything from Adele and the Black Keys right now. But one of my all time favorite songs is In Your Eyes by Peter Gabriel.

  7. Kim M says:

    My favorite song right now is Wanted by Hunter Hayes! But all time favorite has to be Amazed by LoneStar!! The hubby’s and I song!!

  8. glam009 says:

    I love Muse but Norah Jones or Micheal Buble love it too so hard to decide !!!!

  9. Anne says:

    Anything by Lady Antebellum and Two Black Cadillacs by cCrrie Underwood.

  10. Bennita says:

    Just added on my TBR list. Communicating through music reminds me of REAL, my fave book Eva! Angst and the push/ pull of relationships usually sucks me right in..can’t wait to read this.

  11. Sheri Zee says:

    My absolute favorite song right now is Just Give Me A Reason by Pink & Nate Russ. LOVE it so much!

  12. Jessie L says:

    Any song of One Republic’s Native album

  13. Eva Millien says:

    I love lots of songs, and types of music depends on my mood. But I guess my absolute favorite groups are: Air Supply, Stevie B, Savage Garden, White Snake, Alabama, Evanescense.

  14. Gloria Landavazo says:

    My favorite song right now is “Just give me a reason” by Pink and Nate. It always makes me think of Kellan and Sienna’s song in Reckless!!

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