Day #5 of the Light vs. Dark Giveaway!

Remember that the giveaway is only open on Facebook, so please go to to enter…

Instructions: Share any of the Pictures uploaded on Facebook today, the In Flight one, the Truth one, or the one with the two… comment that you’ve shared and which of the two books you’d like to win. Good luck!

Day #5



flight 2


Looking for your next fix after Fifty Shades of Grey? Look no further! In Flight introduces us to James Cavendish, a cross between Christian Grey and Gideon Cross… alpha, possessive, dominant. But Bianca Karlsson is no Ana Steele… she holds her own and then some!

Book Links: Amazon, Goodreads, B&N

Author Links: Website, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter



In flight pictoria


truth (2)


You read consequences and were left with more questions that you ever thought possible. Now’s the time to discover the Truth. Who exactly is Anthony Rawlings? Why the obsession with Claire? Will the obsession die now that she’s gone? Can and should Claire forgive Tony?

Book Links: Amazon, Goodreads, B&N

Author Links: Website, Facebook, Goodreads, Twitter



Truth pictorial REAL

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