Book Review – Lockout (The Alpha Group Book #2) – Maya Cross

I was excited to get back to Sophie and Sebastian’s story. And this one begins exactly where Book #1 (review here) left off.

Sophie is angry at Sebastian, she’s convinced he’s lying to her and decides to leave him. But Sebastian doesn’t give up that easy. He pursues her relentlessly and eventually she decides to hear him out. They eventually settle back into their steamy relationship but Sophie can’t ignore the fact that there’s something about Sebastian that doesn’t sit well with her.

As you many remember from Book #1, Sebastian has a peculiar tattoo and it’s clear there’s a lot he’s hiding. In Book #2 we get to know much more about him. We finally find out where the sexy accent comes from, we learn more about his background… but there’s still something he’s hiding…

There’s also a lot more happening in Sophie’s life. Her law firm is still sidelining her, giving her assignments no one else wants to do. But while things are bad at work, at least she has Sebastian to cheer her up 😉 and boy does he ever! These two couldn’t keep their hands off each other! But things are changing, Sophia is starting to feel more for Sebastian. But can he let her in?

I liked that we got to know Sebastian more and I liked the suspense of it all. But there was was something present in book #1 that I found missing in book #2… which is the reason I use the word ‘liked’ and not ‘loved’. I loved book #1 and was expecting even more… like a steady climb to an explosive finish. But I feel like I got more of a flat line that eventually spiked up at the end.

I am definitely still on the look out for the last book in the trilogy. So many unanswered questions; What does Sebastian really do for a living? Whats the significance of the tattoo? What exactly does his company do? What does all this have to do with the British Government?

3 stars.

Amazon: Lockout by Maya Cross


Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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3 Responses to Book Review – Lockout (The Alpha Group Book #2) – Maya Cross

  1. jette jepsen says:

    Have to say i loved this one just as much as the first. Loved That we learned more abour both of them and that she stod up for her self. Have to say i just love Sebastian. Extidet to se what his work is !! Can’t wait for more. ..

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