Book Review – Just One Night Part 3: Binding Agreement – Kyra Davis

I couldn’t envision a better ending if I tried! These books are definitely different than anything else I’ve read in this genre; exploring the art of war, control, dominance… and in the end, an unconventional love story.

Review of Part #1: The Stranger

Review of Part #2: Exposed

Part 3 picks up right where part 2 left off. Kasie craves Robert, but she’s unsure as to whether she can or wants to handle his controlling ways. She feels as if she’s jumped from one type of control (Dave’s) to another (Robert’s). But while things are unclear to her, Robert knows exactly what he wants, Kasie, and he doesn’t intend on letting her go. But is he ready to change his ways for her? Is Robert still the stranger she met in Vegas? Can she handle the control and power he wields?

I absolutely loved it! It made all the glimpses and nuances we got from the other installments make sense. As it should of course, but I just did not know what to expect with this series. I was a bit worried the author would take us to another different direction and I wasn’t sure I could handle it! Luckily I was left completely sated 🙂

While I absolutely loved the love story and the unexpected directions it took, what pulled me in was Kasie’s story; a woman in the corporate world. With insecurities and self doubt… but with an inner strength dying to get out. As a woman in a man’s profession, I understood and identified with Kasie. It actually reminds me of my favorite part in my favorite Bond movie

James Bond: Your beauty is a problem, you worry that you won’t be taken seriously (at work)

Vesper Lynd: Which one can say about any woman with half a brain…

A very fitting description in more ways than one. Robert is definitely the James Bond to Kasie’s Vesper Lynd.

“He has a savage sophistication. He’s Daniel Craig’s James Bond; a young, sexy Gordon Gekko.”

And just like Vesper, Kasie dresses conservatively in a bid to be taken more seriously at work. But her bid fails when it’s discovered that she slept with Robert, her client. But while the office knows, they also know how much power Robert holds in the business world. He’s ready to defend Kasie, even if Kasie doesn’t want it. Which leads to the most intense kind of power play. Is Kasie ready to cede control to Robert?

We get to know all about Robert, things that weren’t divulged in the previous installments. We find out why he seeks to empower Kasie while still seeking to dominate her.

I want you to relish in the pleasure of both authority and submission on a daily basis.

A heady mix and all hers for the taking… if she wants it. But does she want it? What does it mean to be with Robert?

“Us?” We are not Romeo and Juliet. We are Caeser and Cleopatra. We’re Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, Pierre and Marie Curie. Our coupling has consequences, people’s lives will be changed…

I absolutely loved this book, this series! It took me to unexpected places. I thought I had Part 1 figured out, it shocked me. I thought I knew what to expect from Part 2, it changed directions. I wondered what would happen in Part 3… only to get much more angst than I expected, much more sweetness and a completeness that had me sighing and swooning.

5 stars! Not just for the book, but the series as a whole!

Amazon: Binding Agreement by Kyra Davis

binding agreement

Finally I’d like to thank Simon&Schuster and Edelweiss for providing this ARC for my review.

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  1. Kelly says:

    Is three the last in the series?

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