Book Review – His Risk To Take (Line of Duty Book #2) – Tessa Bailey

I cannot say enough good things about Tessa Bailey’s Line of Duty Books! I loved Protecting What’s His (book #1) so the fact that I absolutely loved book #2 just solidified Tessa Bailey as a favorite.

Homicide cop Troy Bennett is still dealing with the death of his friend and partner, so a move to the NYPD is just what he needs to escape his past. Then he meets Ruby. Ruby has the same kind of reckless personality his partner had. She embodies everything he needs to stay away from, but he can’t deny her pull. He gets to know her better and realizes that not only is she reckless, she also has a connection with a wanted criminal.

I really loved this book. Its short (104 pages) but I completely connected with Troy and Ruby, loved their banter and really loved the steamy scenes! Let’s start with our yummy cop, Troy. Sexy, possessive, talks dirty… a man after my heart 😉

“I’ve been impatient to fuck you for days. If you keep taunting me, I’ll have no choice but to assume you want it as rough and dirty as I can give it. And baby? I saw the way your back arched and your thighs squeezed together when you heard my voice behind you. I know how bad you want it.”

I loved that Ruby could hold her own. But her past ensured that she was also extremely guarded. And though Troy was wary of a repeat of his past where she was concerned, he was also determined to fight for her.

She’d never in her life experienced that kind of unconditional support. It made her want to reveal everything about herself, to just lay all the good and bad at his feet, to let him pick through the debris.

I absolutely loved Troy…. loved the two of them together. I’m sad that the story is so short. I thought the angle with the criminal could have been explored more… especially with his son…maybe a love triangle… but my complaints are only because I wanted to spend more time with these two. I will say that for a short book it was angsty AND funny… and really well written.

Recommended to anyone who loves a dirty talking yet incredibly sweet, possessive alpha male. Steamy steamy STEAMY! With a dose of angst and sweet thrown in for good measure 🙂

4.5 Stars!

Amazon: His Risk to Take by Tessa Bailey


Finally I’d like to thank Netgalley and Entangled Publishing for providing this ARC for my review.

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6 Responses to Book Review – His Risk To Take (Line of Duty Book #2) – Tessa Bailey

  1. Belle of the Library says:

    Have you read the Burg series by Kristen Ashley? It’s some pretty fun romantic crime/suspense. I’m only on number one, but it’s a favorite. Still loved the first few Rock Chick books too! They get super lame after like book three. Sad day.

    • I REALLY want to try the Burg Series… I hear book #2 is the best! Lemme know what you think about it… I worry that the men in her books then tend to be too similar after the first few books 😦

  2. Belle of the Library says:

    OOOOH! BBD novel, Lover at Last? AWESOME! I wasn’t sure I’d like all the gay sex, but she made Qhuinn and Blay’s story so unbearably SWEET. Loved it.

    • I know what you mean… I’m not particularly into m-m so I wondered what I’d think about it… turns out its really sweet…though I haven’t read Lover at Last… I’m still on Rehv’s story… I’ve recently stopped accepting books for review because I can’t get the space to read books I actually buy :/

      • Belle of the Library says:

        Yeah, Kristen Ashley does sort of just write the same guy over and over again. The Burg series doesn’t seem to have that problem as badly as the others. Every now and then she gets a real thing for calling women bitches and pussy though and that gets old FAST.

        Yeah, I totally understand. I have like 10 overdue books right now and I WORK at the library. Lol. Just keep in mind the m-m aspect of BBD 11 is graphic but still somehow sweet once you get to it. I almost didn’t read it for that.

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