Book Review – Broken Desires (Broken Series Book #1) – Azure Boone

Huh? What just happened? It’s one thing going into a book knowing there’ll be a cliffhanger, its another when the book you’ve been really enjoying just ends, as if someone said ‘cut’ and forgot to resume 😦 I’m not a happy camper!

So the blurb; Sofia follows a dare and sets an appointment with the hot gynecologist she’s crushing on. After an embarrassing series of events, she feigns a diabetes attack, leaves his office and prays she never sees him again. Two days later, she meets him in the supermarket and he asks her to dinner.

Daniel deals with his dark past by pleasuring women. Very selective with who he chooses for his erotic games, his next available choice, Sofia, doesn’t measure up to the kind of woman he needs. But with his options near zero, he decides to take a chance, and soon discovers that pleasuring Sofia opens a door to a rewarding new desire.

I really really enjoyed this one. And I don’t think I expected to. I got it as a freebie and kept it on my TBR for ‘a rainy day’. A few people who got it told me they enjoyed it and a Goodreads friend recommended it to me. So I thought why not… and lucky I did because I was pleasantly surprised!

I’m really a sucker for tortured heroes and that’s exactly what Daniel is. His background hints on a sexually abused past which has caused him to punish himself by denying himself pleasure. He uses his job as a gynecologist to pick up women who might not be adverse to his predilections. Due to a dare, Sofia finds herself on his styrups… and though Daniel realizes that she’s too naive to accept his fetishes, he can’t resist.

I really loved how they got together, how their interacted. Sofia is hilarious though I do think she overeacted  at times. Let’s just say that you don’t want to cross Sofia, she even punches! And that thing with the cupcakes… to be honest it was hilarious but still a bit over the top I thought. Though all in all I loved her, especially because she fought for him even thought she could ‘fix’ him.

He suddenly curled into a semi ball on his side and her heart constricted. What was wrong with him? Whatever it was, she desperately wanted to fix it.

Daniel is really the kind of hero you just love. You can’t help but empathize even though we still don’t get to know much about his past. Or even what his kinky fetishes really are. They were touched upon but not really in depth. All we saw was the broken man..

“I’m broken Sofia.” His words pierced her heart and mind. “The shit I have in my head won’t allow me to be the hero you need.”

I seriously loved these two together. Not only was it incredibly steamy, it was incredibly sweet too. So here I was alternating between sighing and fanning myself and then that epilogue happens. I for some reason thought the story would end with a HEA and I would sigh, possibly dab my eyes with a tissue and then move on to another book. Only to find out Book #2 continues with their story :/ I mean I really want to find out what happens but the next book is only 82 pages and I’m not sure why that just couldn’t have been added to this one to make a complete book 😦

4 stars, could have been more were it not for that ending.

Amazon: Broken Desires by Azure Boone


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