Book Review + Giveaway – Breach – K.I. Lynn

I just finished reading this one! Steamy steamy STEAMY scenes!

Lila is a lawyer working at Holloway and Holloway where they have a strict non-fratenization clause. Its been so easy to obey all of her Law Firm’s rules until Nathan Thorne arrived; Sexy as sin Nathan Thorne. Lila is attracted to Nathan (who isn’t?) but she quickly discovers that there’s much more to his story. Lila however knows about hiding from the public, she also has some secrets of her own.

Wowzers! If you love men who talk dirty, then Nathan’s your guy. The things that come out his mouth! I was reading this sitting in a cafeteria, blushing the entire time (I should seriously stop reading in public!)

“He growed. “You’re not paying attention to my cock, lila.” … he thrust hard, using long strokes, causing me to scream out in response. “That’s it baby. That’s what I like to hear… Scream for me. I want everyone to hear what I do to you… Fuck you feel so damn good when you come around my cock..”

That (above) is one of the tamer scenes 🙂 And he’s super possessive too 😉 Nathan however, has a horrific past. One he wants to shield everyone from, especially Lila. But she understands him more than he knows. Their relationship quickly grows almost into one of co-dependency. I say ‘almost’ because as much as they need each other, it’s not toxic. They help each other, understand each other, need each other to face the demons that plague them.

We do get to know what these demons are. And I loved that they seemed to help each other. But while Lila accepts it, it only seems to scare Nathan.

I hate that you turn me on. I hate the way I need you all the fucking time. I don’t want that. I can’t want that. I can’t want you… but I do, so fucking much I do.

I really loved these two together. They were seriously explosive… EXPLOSIVE …anywhere and everywhere… and I loved the fact that they didn’t attempt to heal each other, yet they just did.

In the end I loved them together, loved that though Nathan’s secrets are not fully out, we can at least guess at what they are. Yes, that means a second book people!

4 stars!

Amazon: Breach by K.I Lynn



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2 Responses to Book Review + Giveaway – Breach – K.I. Lynn

  1. angi says:

    Is this one of those books that are a series and we get all sucked into it and it just ends and we have to wait six months to get another chance at this couple?!?!?

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