Book Review – Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence Book #1) – Nicole Edwards

I’ve heard of Nicole Edwards’ name being associated with really good erotic romance. So I chose Kaleb, title (name) is so sexy…sounded like the best place to start 🙂 And what a place to start! This is one of those books so hot you seriously shouldn’t read in public… I had a hard time erm.. you know 🙂

Kaleb and Zoey have known each other for years. They’ve been best friends for as long as anybody can remember. They both have feelings for each other but have kept it hidden as they are wary of changing the nature of their friendship and of course having their feelings unreciprocated.

One day, Kaleb’s feelings reach boiling point, so do Zoey’s. They decide to see where it goes. They’re both aware of how deep their feelings run, though they can hardly admit it to themselves, much less to each other.

Kaleb is also keen on treating Zoey with as much care as he can. Wary of letting his true nature show. See Kaleb is part of the Walkers clan. Seven brothers in total, known in their small town as ..well… incredibly good looking.. but also, rumors abound about their sexual adventures.

Most of them true, especially their love for tag teaming 😉 Kaleb and his brothers have shared women; and so has Kaleb and his best friend, Gage. As it turns out, Zoey has fantasized about having the two men at the same time. And so when the opportunity comes knocking, neither of them can turn it down.

I get the feeling from most of the reviews I’ve read, that Nicole Edwards specializes in menage. I, due to some weird mental wiring, prefer reading about men so in love with their women, they can’t stand any other man coming close. So I hardly read menage stories but I was pleasantly surprised. By pleasantly surprised I mean, this was hot as hell! Jeez! I would love to be sandwiched by any of the Walker men!

I read this book on a flight (had to change seats as I didn’t want the guy next to me peaking!) Ok, you get it, the book was HOT. I loved the chemistry between kaleb and Zoey, loved loved Kaleb… and Gage 😉 I did however wonder why in the many years they’ve been bestfriends and liking each other from afar, it was only at that particular time that they both thought of taking their relationship further. I wish I understood why, but to be honest I didn’t dwell on it much.

Also, I love love-triangles, so I wished there was one… just to make Kaleb jealous and we can get to see his possesive side. I thought this would be explored with Gage in the picture, or someone else… I do like a bit more drama and angst in my books but those steamy scenes and Kaleb and Zoey’s connection make this…

… a very very hot 4 star read!

I absolutely cannot wait for Zane’s book coming out in May!

Amazon: Kaleb by Nicole Edwards


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7 Responses to Book Review – Kaleb (Alluring Indulgence Book #1) – Nicole Edwards

  1. Bennita says:

    I’m definitely going to read this. Is this a series with all the other brothers as well or a stand alone?

    • You can read it as a standalone… one of those where characters will appear but you don’t need to know their back story… I noticed some of her club destiny series characters appear and I haven’t read it but I wasn’t lost at all. All the brothers get their own books… anxious to see what you think! xx

  2. Kelly says:

    So I have a question. I have been interested in reading the brothers books. I love an alpha possessive male, but I get the feeling that they are into sharing their women and that is a turn off for me. Is that accurate or am I misunderstanding some of the reviews?

    • I’ve only read Kaleb and will be starting Zane soon, so I can’t really speak with much authority on them but they allude that the brothers like to share… and there is some sharing going around in Kaleb’s book… if it helps I’m also more into the possessive male who doesn’t want anyone else near his woman but I still absolutely loved the brothers…

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