Book Review – Mafia Captive – Kitty Thomas

It was hard to hold the idea in her head that he was her captor when he was also her rescuer.

I was a huge Sopranos fan so when I found out that one of my favorite authors is writing a dark erotica book with a mafia theme I was too excited to keep still!

Faith Jacobson witnesses a murder. The murderer, Angelo Raspallo, is ready to do away with the witness until he sees her, a red head, exactly the kind of girl his brother Leo goes for. Angelo knows what Leo desires most, a slave, so he sees Faith as the perfect christmas gift. Though Leo has managed to stay away from the ‘family business’ he can’t deny the allure of owning Faith, but he also knows that if he doesn’t keep Faith, Angelo will kill her.

“As long as you acknowledge that you belong to me and as long as you obey me, your life doesn’t have to be bad. I can give you a good life, but there are certain things I require. I’ll be as gentle as I can be if you’ll let me.”

He however quickly realises that Faith is not a submissive, much less a masochist. He has two choices; he could let her stay in his house without ever touching her or condition her to accept pain with pleasure.

Kitty Thomas is my go to author for dark psychological erotica. I always expect to be taken through a twisted journey where I root for these unlikely couples and end up questioning just a bit of my sanity 🙂 This one however fell short. I loved the premise, expected not only a case of Stockholm Syndrome but also some sort of Pavlovian conditioning. It had little bits of both, but not enough for me to love the book.

See I expected Faith to discover that she is a masochist, and if she isn’t, I was excited to see how Leo would condition her. It came, but just wasn’t enough, at least not for me. I think its because I expected Leo and Faith to have the same deep but twisted need for each other, like Master and Emily in Comfort Food… again it was there but not enough. I actually ended up wishing Leo would take Mei Lin (another submissive) and forget about Faith.

The Italian Mafia bit also sounded a bit too cliche (and I wonder if some of it was done purposely)… Expressions like ‘swimming with the fishes’, ‘bottom of the harbor’, names like Carmine, Sal and Vinny (overused from The Sopranos to all mafia movies good and bad). Or maybe its because I’m a huge fan of Mafia movies and anything done will sound too familier…

Were there positive aspects of the book? of course! Leo’s character for example. I loved him, twisted as that may be. He tried his best with Faith which is probably why she annoyed me for not seeing it. And after Faith settled down, I loved seeing their feelings develop, felt for Leo when he suffered with the decision and his sexual predilections.

All in all a good book in many standards but I hold Kitty on such a pedestal I was a bit disappointed. I wonder if she was trying out something new with this book? I’m not sure but this would not be my first recommendation of her books, if you love dark erotica, start with Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas and you won’t regret it.

3.5 stars

Amazon: Mafia Captive by Kitty Thomas


Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

So clearly I missed this note from the author (who has been fabulous in accepting my review) talking about Mafia Captive…

I worry a little about Mafia Captive because it doesn’t have a ton of sex and kink because so much is build-up. But the darkness and fear-level and situation may be enough to make up for that and let it sit alongside my other books. I hope so.

We’ll see. And that’s part of the delay here. I’m scared out of my mind of releasing this book and disappointing someone.

Anyway, the point is… I write a certain type of book. I have a certain type of brand I’m building. It’s not good for my career (and it’s also not fun for me), to mix things up just for the sake of being different or having variety or wowing you with how many different ways I can tell a story. Because every author out there has their own specialty and their own brand and their own style. The variety is in the authors out there and the genres and the sub genres. By letting an author create a brand and stick with that brand, it makes it easier on fans of that work to know they are able to get their “fix” of what they are looking for when they want a certain type of story.

If you want brides and family sagas and weddings… Nora Roberts is your woman.

If you want kidnap and master/slave with a strong psychological storyline and “no way for her to escape him”, then Kitty Thomas is your woman.

And… to mix it up… if you want religious conspiracy… try Dan Brown.

Read the rest of it here:

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4 Responses to Book Review – Mafia Captive – Kitty Thomas

  1. Juewelz says:

    I love your honest review ! I’m excited to ready this book and will check it out soon.

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    Mafia related things aren’t my preferred reading, but I do enjoy good dark erotica. I guess not every author can be up every time. Great review by the way.

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