Book Review – Claim Me (Stark Trilogy Book #2) – J Kenner

I wanted the man. Wanted to be bound to him. To belong to him to be claimed by him.

I was so excited to get back to Damien and Nikki’s story! I actually read it all in one sitting. (Click here to read my review of Book #1 Release Me.)

So it starts off with Blaine completing the painting of Nikki that Damien commissioned; erotic but tasteful and all are happy with it. Damien and Nikki are still very much in… lust… lust is not really the word with these two because it’s deeper than that but they still can’t keep their hands off each other. The fact that the painting is completed of course means that their ‘contract’ is coming to an end so Damien decides to make it memorable 😉

If you’ve read Release Me (and you should) then you’ll know that we learnt all of Nikki’s secrets and hardly got to know Damien. Well we definitely get to know Damien in Claim me. He is still very closed off and hardly ever discusses any of his problems with Nikki but we get to know about his past in the tennis circuit; the source of his tortured background and something that unfortunately still haunts him.

I enjoyed the book, enjoyed getting to know Damien better and loved the mystery surrounding him and when it finally gets out. The ending definitely ensures that I will be reading book #3!

I however had some problems with the book. I’ll start with the steamy scenes; I unfortunately found them too ‘talky’ (quite aware that’s not a word!) I enjoy a man who talks dirty and Damien certainly does, but I want a follow through. I want what he does to Nikki to be as hot as he made it sound, and unfortunately I only ‘felt’ it with some scenes, not all.

Second thing was that I found that it dragged on in parts; beginning-good, ending-really good, middle-eh (I’m using a lot of none-words, I’ll try remedy that!) So, for example the story about Giselle and Nikki’s boss, it sort of felt like a filler, I’m still not sure what its significance is, or maybe it just is and I shouldn’t look for meaning into everything. Or maybe it will all be cleared up, I’m just not sure.

Lastly, I really do think that J Kenner has a good story here. My favorite part (remember I’m all kinds of twisted) is Nikki’s need for self harm and how Damien helps her, centers her. I feel like it was explored more in the end but I wished for more. I know it sounds weird but I wish she struggled with it more, so that we’d see more of her torment, and see Damien coming to her rescue. I wanted more of those scenes where he’s the one to help her with that need.

I’ll add a disclaimer that I had just read a BDSM book before this so maybe I was still in the mood for much deeper kink, hence my need for more… or maybe it’s because I keep thinking of Lee Holloway (The Secretary – 2002 movie) when I think of Nikki…

All in all, their need and love for each other shone through and it was beautiful to read. And I definitely want to know what happens next with Damien…

3.5 stars

Amazon: Claim Me by J Kenner


Finally I’d like to thank Net Galley and Bantam Books for providing this ARC for my review.

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3 Responses to Book Review – Claim Me (Stark Trilogy Book #2) – J Kenner

  1. jeanniezelos says:

    im looking forward to continuing this trilogy – loved part one. though i am getting tired of trilogies that end in cliffhangers and waiting months for next book. As for your “more” comments – i’ve made a similar comment in several reviews recently – I want Angst, stuff that makes my insdes churn, and tears spring to my eyes. Without the real dark downs that brings all thats left is a sweet romance – i feel that the highs are so much better when contrasted with some real down and dark lows.

    • I totally agree! I want to be taken through an emotional journey, if not emotional then psychological… and this had so much potential for both but i feel like it was only half-heartedly pursued 😦 Still a good book and i blame my love for dark erotica for making me want more…

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