Book Review – Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Book #1) – Aline Hunter

If there’s one secret that’s out, its my love for alpha males! But after reading this, I’m all about the Omega! As soon as Diskant (the Omega) was described, I pictured Jason Momoa and I knew this would be an enjoyable ride 😉

Ava is out on her own at night for a clandestine meeting where she expects to be handed back a family heirloom. See her brother Thomas who had always been bad news, had started gambling. To pay off his debts, he stole anything he could find, including the heirloom, a locket. Unfortunately the guy she’s to meet doesn’t show up, and as she’s about to head home, she’s accosted by vampires. Luckily for her, Diskant Black, a shifter, is in the neighborhood and rescues her. But Diskant isn’t just any shifter, he’s the Omega, the most powerful of lycanthropes and his word is law amongst the shifter community. Though born as a were-shifter, an Omega bears all the marks of all the shifter races, meaning he has the ability to shift into any of them.

Diskant rescues Ava and he’s immediately drawn to her scent, but what happens when he touches her is something he could never have expected.

He knew he was fucked the minute he lifted her in his arms and all the beasts beneath his skin growled in contentment, each one brushing against the inside of his skin. They came at the same time, fighting for a place to break free and make their own unique mark of claim. The animal forms he possessed had chosen random females they’d appreciated over the years, but never had they voiced approval at the same time.

I loved this idea of one ‘mate’, one person who you immediately know is yours. I’ve always wished I was one of those people who believed in soulmates. In contemporary romance I’d probably roll my eyes but in Paranormal Romance I just go with it… and I love it 🙂

Ava is human, albeit with a special trait that makes her a mark for the Villati; a group of humans who research the preternaturals. And it’s no coincidence that as soon as any superhuman group is uncovered by the villati, that group ceases to exists. But back to Ava. She doesn’t believe Diskant when he professes her his mate. She’s sure that Diskant’s attraction to her is just physical. But Diskant has found his mate and he’s not about to let her go.

And now to the steamy scenes… WHOA! Now those are steamy scenes done real good! Diskant has to mark Ava three times to be blood bonded and you guessed it, it all involves a romp under the sheets… or you know, anywhere and everywhere 😉 The first two scenes I was sure I was melting! It did cool down a bit after that though… but you know my idea of cooling down is jumping from the fire into the frying pan 🙂 I think its because nothing could top those two scenes!

“It makes me a crass bastard but I love the fact that you’ve never been bottomed out.” Bending down, he kissed her lips quickly and murmured, “It takes some getting used to, but once you do you’ll beg me to hit that sweet spot over and over again…”

And he’s an Omega so he’s as possessive as can be… and so so sweet… he practically worshiped Ava…sigh…

But their bloodbond also means that Ava’s power becomes stronger. Just in time when the Shepherds arrive. They are a group of humans who hunt the shifters. Much worse than the Villati. I have to be honest I wasn’t sure of the Villatis’ importance in the book, they didn’t seem that dangerous, other than being knowledgeable about what was happening in the lives of these preternaturals. The shifters on the other hand use the bible; bending scripture to convince their members to hunt and kill what they deem as demons.

I absolutely loved the characters and the storyline… though I got confused at times. Maybe I was only confused because I’ve had the longest work week ever and only an hour or so before bed to read. So I can’t really say if anyone else will find some of the plot hard to follow. But I will say this, Aline Hunter can sure write steamy scenes! And I immediately bought the second book…a bit disappointed its not about Trey and Sadie… that’s one story I can’t wait for! But I’m sure I’ll love Emory’s story 🙂

4 stars!

Amazon: Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Book #1) by Aline Hunter

omega mine

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9 Responses to Book Review – Omega Mine (Alpha and Omega Book #1) – Aline Hunter

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    You find the best books. I usually end up loving what you recommend, but that’s probably because you read the books I enjoy reading anyway. So I’ll mosey on over and buy this one. Lol

    • haha! Great minds and all that 🙂 I hope you enjoy it… It took me a week to read 240 pages just because work is hectic! So the ‘confused’ part is probably all my fault… i’ll wait to see what you think… xx

  2. Belle of the Library says:

    If you enjoy paranormal and the Mate thing, you oughta put the psy change long series on your way long list.

  3. angi says:

    i agree with cara. i tend to buy more books now than before. Had to buy a new shelf.

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