Guest Book Review – His To Take: Night One – Kera Whisper

Today we have Bennita guest reviewing for us!


Blurb: Juliet Riverleigh would do anything to save her ne’er-do-well brother from Milan’s infamous crime boss, Il Macellaio, the Butcher. At the end of her rope, she tracks down Nicodemo Cesan, a half British/half Italian billionaire, rumored to have a history of crime–and a grudge against the Butcher. 

Nico Cesan is everything a sheltered girl like Juliet could dream of. He has a body to die for, the face of a fallen angel, and an alarmingly intense fascination with her. He offers her a deal: if she spends seven nights in his bed, he’ll reunite her with her brother. During her first night, she’ll learn that the “Dark Angel of Milan” is a wicked devil instead, doing unimaginable things to her. Things Juliet fears she’ll grow to crave.

As Cesan’s fascination turns to obsession, and he pushes her to new heights of pleasure–and new lows of depravity–she wonders if he’ll keep her for seven nights. Or forever. . . .

Bennita’s Review

I usually don’t like installments as much as full length novels because I always feel like I’m missing something, whether its a connection to a character or the mere fact that it just feels incomplete or rushed. Well surprisingly, I really enjoyed “His to Take”.

Juliet is a sexually repressed virgin who seeks the help of a sexy Italian crime boss to save her kidnapped twin brother.  Nico Cesan, nicknamed the “Dark Angel of Milan” is more than willing to help her out, if only she spends seven days with him as his sexual slave.

I did feel that Juliet accepted way too quickly, but then I asked myself if my brother’s life was on the line, what would I do? Well, I would have sucked it up (no pun intended- well maybe a little 🙂 ) and done the same thing.  During the course of her “duties”, she realizes that not only is Nico helping her save her brother, he is also opening her eyes to her suppressed sexuality.

Although, you don’t learn a lot about Nico in the first installment, there’s just something about him that makes me want to read more and hopefully his softer side comes out later on down the line.  I’m interested to see how everything pans out.

Well that’s it.  Happy Reading!

3.5 Stars!

Amazon: His to Take: Night One by Kera Whisper


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2 Responses to Guest Book Review – His To Take: Night One – Kera Whisper

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    I admit to being a sucker for books with this theme (woman in dire straits-goes to powerful man for help-total sexual submission-love!). So of course I’ll go download this one.

    • Me too! I love that theme! This book was on last Saturday’s freebies list but I didn’t get it (I read the blurbs too fast to register much 🙂 ) but after Bennita’s review I gave it a second look and now I’m definitely buying it 🙂

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