Book Review – Confessions Collection Volume #1 – Leila DeSint

Holy Freakin Wow! And that’s the biggest understatement ever! You know the feeling after finishing a brilliant book and you just can’t bring yourself to read another book? When the thought of picking up another book feels like cheating? That’s precisely how I feel. This is officially my favorite book of 2013 so far. Right up there with my favorite book ever!

So let’s meet the main characters…

London / Desniah (Confessions of a Whore/ Confessions of a Daughter)

This is the story of London Brown, an expensive call girl, and her alter ego Desniah Williams, the daughter of one of the most affluent men in London. Desniah was abused as a child and to protect herself from her past, she created her alter ego London. London sells her body, not because she needs the money, but because she wants the pain and the humiliation to dim the memory of the past.

I needed him to fuck me until I couldn’t think of what she let happen — what I endured for her — our secret.

Unfortunately her past, in the name of Caden Jacob Carrington the Fifth, shows up as one of her clients. See Desniah was in love with Caden but London needs to forget him or drudge up a history… a secret, that is better left buried.

Caden (Confessions of a Politician)

Caden Jacob Carrington the Fifth is tortured by the fact that he chose to move to Hong Kong, and in effect abandon Desniah. He hadn’t done it intentionally but he had hurt her immeasurably. By the time he realized that Desniah had shut him out, it was too late.

I didn’t deserve her but she was the only woman I’d ever loved. So what did a man do when he’d hurt the person he couldn’t live without? The only thing I could, I continued to try to repair my mistake. I refused to abandon the possibility that she’d pardon my weakness.

Caden knows that two personalities are in play; Desniah and London. He’s determined to go back to the past, to the moment he lost Desniah, and find some answers. But he’s also willing to take Desniah any way he can have her, even if it means having London.

Rhys (Confessions of a Philanthropist)

Rhys Christos Edward Stowell completes this love triangle… or should we call it a square? He is the rebellious son of a church elder and in love with Desniah. He realizes London exists in Desniah’s body but is Desniah’s best friend and one of only two people who are close to Desniah. He however has his sexual predilections, as dark as they come. He works hard to keep that from Desniah, as it could mean losing her forever.

That was how she worked. One could choose London’s body or Desniah the friend, but never shall they cross.

While he knows he could practice his desires on London, he’s chosen Desniah and feels he has to supress his darkest desires to be with the woman he loves.

What an incredible book! I loved Rhys and I loved Caden because they both loved Desniah so so much. A love triangle that’s hardly fair. I seriously couldn’t choose! And of course there was angst in bucketfuls… Rhys suppressing his predilections to be able to be with Desniah, Cade looking for forgiveness from both Desniah and London… both having their share of the same woman but wanting it all… such a delicious mind fuck.

I’ve read one other book with a character suffering from Multiple Personality Disorder but this one stole the show. I just loved how the author could almost make you believe that Desniah and London were two people.

I stopped in the visitor parking at Rhys’ building. It hadn’t been my desire to come here. Des worried that Rhys wouldn’t forgive her for allowing me to go to work. Given she’d run here to Rhys, it would do wonders for his insecurities about their relationship. Over the top, but I went along with it. We did share this body.

There were also instances where you could see her personalities changing right in front of you. And let’s not forget possibly the best scene in the book… the one with the psychiatrist… I had to check that my heart was still beating 🙂 I really need more of this series!

If you love dark erotica with elements of psycho thriller and erotic romance, you HAVE to read this one.

5 brilliant stars!

Note: The Confessions Collection Volume #1 includes 9 ‘episodes’. They are sold separately and also as a bundle and I would suggest getting the bundle. Episode 1 is free on amazon.

Amazon: The Confessions Collection Volume #1 by Leila DeSint



Finally I’d like to thank the author for proving this copy for my review.

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