Book Review – Locked (The Alpha Group Book #1) – Maya Cross

Move over Christian Grey and Gideon Cross… there’s a new sexy as sin billionaire in town! His name? Sebastian Lock 🙂 At first I thought, another billionaire? Hmmm… I’m not sure about this… then insomnia struck, I started the book and just couldn’t put it down!

So Sophia is having drinks with her girlfriends Louisa and Ruthie to celebrate Louisa’s engagement. They decide on a pub crawl which leads them to a dingy pub. Sophia notices a heavily guarded backdoor where well dressed men and women (and even a Hollywood celebrity) keep disappearing to. She comes up with a plan to get through and meets Sebastian Lock..

At first glance he seemed confident and charming, the sort of guy I saw every day around the office. But behind that roguish charisma lay something dangerously alluring; a potent strength that seemed to beckon to my very core. It was intimidating, arousing, and more than a little distracting.

Sophia is flustered by her reaction to Sebastian. In a bid to find the bathroom and hopefully escape, she finds Sebastian’s office and discovers his… um… predilections 😉

I immediately loved Sophia. I mentally fist pumped for finding another likable, clever and funny heroine.

Focus, Sophia. Think unsexy thoughts. Paperwork. Shindler’s List. Ernest in a skirt. Urgh, too far.

That’s her trying not to fall for Sebastian’s sexiness 🙂 I definitely loved her humor, her drunken antics, her friends and even to some extent identified with her job. And I loved that she didn’t take crap from Sebastian. Arrogant guy that he is, it was nice to see her keeping up with him.

He exhaled slowly. “I thought you were okay with keeping things simple.”

“Simple is fine. Simple is great. I don’t need romantic dates or bloody hand crafted mix tapes, but I do need to feel like more than just a walking vagina that operates at your beck and call.”

Yeah, as much as I love me a dominant sexy alpha male, and Sebastian is definitely one (with an accent to boot), Sophia’s character is what sold me. I loved her.

I loved this book. My only complaint? Too too short (about 125 pages). I was sad when it was over. The next book ‘Locked Out’ is due in May and guess who’ll be at the front of that queue?!

4 Stars!

NB: We’ll have the author with us on Tuesday with a giveaway!

Amazon: Locked by Maya Cross


Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my review.

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