Rants and Raves – Of Favorite Female Characters…

Female characters in the Romance genre tend to irritate me. I either find them naive, indecisive, whiny or plain annoying. I probably shouldn’t complain so much because I could be naive, indecisive, whiny and annoying (just ask my boyfriend) but this is fiction! As much as I sometimes overlook the female characters, I would like to read about a strong male and a strong female… at the very least I don’t want her to be naive and whiny! Anyway, I’ve raved about male characters before (who hasn’t?!) So here’s to my favorite female characters.

Bianca Karlsson – Up in the Air Series by R.K Lilley

in flight 2mile 2 2Grounded 2

I feel like Erotic Romance books are even more guilty when it comes to super strong heroes and forgettable heroines. I can name a few but since I’m here to rave I’ll restrain myself. My favorite heroine in this genre is Bianca. She comes from such a horrific past but has a good career going and a strong backbone. So when she meets James Cavendish she holds her own and I was cheering her all the way.

I said this about Bianca in my reviews of the series;

I know a lot of women swooned after Christian Grey but did you really identify with Ana Steele? Well I definitely identified with Bianca Karlsson. She’s strong and definitely the one holding the reins.  <– Review of In Flight and Mile High Books #1 and #2

I had almost forgotten how much I like Bianca and was quickly reminded of it. She had so much to deal with, crazy father, tortured past and on top of it James’s annoying exes… Bianca was tough in the first two books but in this one she’s badass! <– Review of Grounded Book #3

I couldn’t resist asking R.K Lilley about Bianca’s character;

Jessy: I feel like most books in this genre consist of Alpha Male types and women who tend to be pushovers. Though James is the one holding the flogger :) Bianca is definitely the one holding the reins in this relationship. Was it a conscious decision to create a strong female? And why?

R.K: It was conscious in some ways.  I feel like you couldn’t survive the things she has without being strong.  I felt like, to be a real character, she had to have that strength.  Bianca is very self-aware.  She’s been through hell and come out a stronger person for it, but she’d be the first to admit that it’s also made her guarded.  She’s uncompromising in a lot of ways because she feels that it’s the only way to survive.  This has shaped the dynamic of their relationship in interesting ways.  James is by no means a pushover, but he’s made some very big concessions as he’s come to understand her.  It’s pretty clear that James would do anything to keep her, and she does need control with certain aspects of her life, which is why you see her calling a lot of the shots outside of the bedroom.

And there we have it, a strong female character to compliment the possessive alpha male.

Kathleen Turner – The Kathleen Turner Series by Tiffany A. Snow

Kathleen turner 1 2Kathleen turner 2 2Kathleen turner 3 2Kathleen turner 4 2

First of all I absolutely love this series! It has the most swoon worthy alpha males (yes more than one) good plot and twists and lo and behold, a strong female. Kathleen’s character is reminiscent of my favorite heroine growing up; Nancy Drew. The series is romantic suspense so Kathleen does get herself into too many binds and I’ve found myself saying ‘not again!’ maybe once or twice but all in all I can absolutely tell why Blane and Kade want her so much. She’s not even as indecisive as I would be if two hot men were after me 😉

I said this about Kathleen in my reviews of the series;

I loved Kathleen just as much as I lusted after Blane. Don’t you just love it when that happens? When we enjoy the heroine just as much as the hero?! <– Review of No Turning Back, Book #1

Then there’s Kathleen. I have never identified with a character the way I identify with her. Well apart from the throwing herself into dangerous situations, everything else she does or says is so me! Or an amateur sleuth version of me :) <– Review of Turning Point, Book #3

Guys, do yourselves a favor and read this series, its the reason I now love romantic suspense!

Sadie – Broken by Megan Hart

broken megan hart 2

This is still my favorite book ever. I’m actually surprised that in my review I didn’t mention Sadie’s strength. Sadie is married to Adam, a quadriplegic. Adam was one of those characters you tend to hate even as you sympathize. He really treated Sadie badly. And even as Sadie found herself attracted to Joe, she held on to her marriage. Tried everything she could to make it better. Even when it would have been easier to leave Adam and finally live her life, she stood by him. Such a heartbreaking story and after it all, my favorite character was Sadie, no doubt.

Favorite quote: Right and wrong, good and bad, the lines are blurred when it comes to matters of the heart. Anyone who has never felt that has no right to judge, and anyone who ever has won’t have to. (Click here to read my review)

Sylvie Bissenette – Creed (Unfinished Heroes Book #2) by Kristen Ashley

creed 2

Sylvie’s character was a departure from other Kristen Ashley heroines. I usually find her heroines super girly, and I’m not girly so I can’t say I highly identify with them. But her alpha males are so well written I tend to overlook the females 😉 Sylvie on the other hand was such a strong female! She actually came close to overshadowing the title character in this book.

I said this about Sylvie in my review of Creed;

 I knew from reviews that she’s different from other KA heroines. I just din’t know how much I would love her! She’s badass! She also works for Knight Sebring (Knight Book #1) so you can imagine just how badass! Seriously my kind of heroine, strong, independent and quite possibly THE ‘Unfinished Hero’ in this story. <– Review of Creed, Book # Unfinished Heroes

Madison Morris – Control by Charlotte Stein

control 2

This book was my first foray into femdom. You would of course expect a Domme to be strong but that’s not why I loved Madison. First of all, she’s not really a Domme. She found herself in a situation where she had to choose between being dominated in bed, and dominating. And as much as she had never done the latter it was so fun (and funny and steamy) to see her learn. So I loved Madison for making me laugh so hard while reading erotica.

I said this in my review of Control;

…I know that sounds weird, who wants to laugh while reading a sex scene right? Well thats not what I mean, the book is written in the main character Madison’s POV and Madison is downright hilarious….and oh so kinky! <– Review of Control

I smiled when I remembered Madison and her kinky ways, I just might re-read this one (for the umpteenth time!)

As much as I wanted this to be a top 10 list, I couldn’t find as many heroines that I loved… of course there’re quite a few I liked, some I didn’t mind and a lot who just annoyed me but there we have it. I’m curious if there’re any you loved that I missed… comment below and let me know 🙂 xx

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12 Responses to Rants and Raves – Of Favorite Female Characters…

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    I loved Control and enjoyed Madison as a female character. The other books I’ll have to check out.

    I think it’s hard to write strong females because we want the male to shine. He’s the fantasy, not her. I think too its easy to project some part (usually a weak part) of our characters onto the females when we write. I sometimes forget to add that core of strength to her because in my mind I’m trying to fix that part that is weak and see her strengthening after that fix. But that’s just me psychoanalyzing myself as a writer, I’m not sure it’s true of every story all of the time.

    • I never thought about it that way, that the idea would be letting the male shine, because if that’s it then kudos to so many authors! I’ve often wondered if the authors write female characters with themselves in mind, it’s actually my favorite question to ask authors so you’re comment is very enlightening! Thanks Cara!

      • Cara Thereon says:

        I’m not sure every author does it, but I know writing is like therapy in that I try working out certain parts of myself. The characters are never “me”, but maybe a part of me. A certain characteristic or thing my subconscious wants to work through, or a desire I can’t act on in real life. I hope that makes sense.

      • It does! Which reminds me that I’ve been reading your erotic shorts in between books…love! Are you going to write a full length???

      • Cara Thereon says:

        I’m trying. Couple longer pieces in the editing process. I’m a short story gal so trying to put out longer, quality pieces takes a while. I have a short story compilation I’m having edited/read and a longer novella on submission. Hopefully one of those will be worth reading soon.

      • Looking forward to it! xx

  2. Michelle says:

    I’ve got to add a RAVE for Claire Nichols, (Althea Romig – Consequences/Truth) I absolutely love her character. Scared and alone but won’t keel over and be weak and won’t back down from what she thinks is right. She’s strong but with depth of emotions towards others that you can’t help but love. She’s one character that matches the male hero but doesn’t detract from his dominance and vendetta. You simply can’t help but love her, well I can’t 😉

    • I actually thought of Claire since the Consequences series is one of my favorites. But I remembered the scene on the horse and carriage where she made that choice (you know which one) and everytime she went shopping I wondered why she didn’t run… I questioned her actions too much that’s why i didn’t add her here but she’s definitely one of the few who held their own against a dominant male… especially in book #2!

  3. Michelle says:

    OK Yeah I actually forgot about the horse and carriage…….. as to the shopping, I think she didn’t run as she literally had nowhere to run too and no money nothing, nada.. even strong people must have a point of no return switch, look at what happened to her after she tried to run the first time and went back,,, that must have played on her mind. Still love her can’t help it – wink wink.

    • divinecaroline says:

      She could have told the doctor… she could have went with her sister.. and then at the end she throws away the box.. didn’t get that either.. I’m currently reading truth.. and she maybe deserves it on the basis of that book, but she wouldn’t be in that position if she would have been smarter in Consequences.. 🙂

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