Book Review – The Erotic Dark – Nina Lane

Whoa! What a book! I was really in the mood for Dark Erotica this week and I got that and then some! You all know how much I love books that come with a warning, but this time I have to start my review with a warning. This is Dark Erotica (how fitting is that title?!) It contains dubious consent, enforced submission, and more than that, humiliation… lots of it. HOWEVER, if you love well written dark erotica, hot like the pits of hell and kinky as fuck, then you have to read this!

A woman arrives at the grounds of La Nouvelle Vie, a Louisiana plantation. The woman is seeking to disappear from a criminal past. Her options are limited since the authorities are looking for her. So she seeks out Preston, an old… friend if you will. Preston arranges for her to ‘disappear’, and in exchange, she moves to La Nouvelle Vie.

This is utterly your choice. You contacted me, remember? And I promise you nothing, except the unequivocal guarantee that no one will ever find you. You will cease to exist.

Who will I become?


Preston lives with two other men, Gabriel and Kruin and while the woman is ashamed of what she has to give the three men in return, she has no other choice. And the three men name her Lydia.

The men seek to control Lydia, but all in their own way. There’s malicious Preston. He’s known Lydia since they were kids, but she never gave him the time of day. Preston has obsessed about making Lydia submit for as long as he can remember, making him the most unpredictable and malicious of the three. Kruin on the other hand is what I thought of as your usual Master. He is inflexible, expects submission from Lydia and in return is protective. Anything less than submission however will be highly punished. Gabriel is the gentle one of the three. He expects submission just like the other two, but is gentle, endearing even.

The book is written in the omniscient point of view allowing the reader to really get into the heads of all four characters. I loved this.  I got to really ‘connect’ with the characters, especially with Lydia, Preston and Gabriel. I will admit that I thought the pain and the humiliation was a bit much, especially the latter. I’ve read books with humiliation but never in this quantity. However, there was a really good story of self discovery. One that I really enjoyed reading. See Lydia was a very successful, powerful woman prior to coming to the plantation. So it was interesting to see her submitting, learning more about herself, her dark desires and learning to not only accept it, but to enjoy it all.

It was interesting to read about the three men. I won’t say much of Kruin’s character other than the fact that just like Lydia, I loved that what you saw is what you got. He was either pleased or displeased, no two ways about it. Preston scared me. In a normal world he could belong in a padded room. He was obsessive, even jealous of the other two men. Gabriel was the light in this dark tale. Like a hero in an Erotic Romance novel 🙂

I am in complete awe of Nina Lane’s writing. I felt it all, the anger, the humiliation, the hope, the jealousy, the lust… all of it. I even understood Lydia’s need to please these men she came to refer to as The Dark Triad.

What an incredible book. Not for the faint hearted, but certainly a must read for lovers of dark erotica, and erotica as a whole.

4.5 disturbingly erotic stars! And I’m already anxiously awaiting the sequel!

Amazon: The Erotic Dark by Nina Lane


Finally I’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my honest review.

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20 Responses to Book Review – The Erotic Dark – Nina Lane

  1. Bennita says:

    This sounds like it’s right up my alley. I love dark erotic books. It sounds like one of those books you can’t get out of your head for days.

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    I’m not keen on too much humiliation, but I’ve really gotten into dark erotica lately so I’ll read this one. Thanks for the great review. Definitely snagged my interest.

  3. angela gerner says:

    on the same page as cara, i didnt like the humilation part but i do love that the characters had a point of view. mama likes the dark erotic romance 😀 thanks for turning me to this book 😀

  4. kiwilass85 says:

    just from the review its been added to my wish list!!!!

  5. Atypical Midwestern Librarian says:

    I totally took this as a challenge. How awful is that?

  6. dkristing says:

    I read this book last summer and am also anxiously awaiting the sequel! It was definitely one of those WHOA what am I reading experiences but in a good way of course!

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  8. Kelly says:

    Read it…definitely dark! Not big on humiliation. Just knew that party was gonna be a problem. You should check out Claire Thompson Obssession – VERY DARK

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  10. Just finished this by your suggestion. Loved it!! The humiliation was a little hard to take, but I think it had to be for the story. What did irritate me was that they let someone outside the triad take her during the party. She agreed to be theirs, not theirs to share. That felt like a betrayal to me and it frustrated me that she didn’t call them on it. But they redeemed themselves later with the Judge.

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