Book Review – The Fifth Favor – Shelby Reed

I’m shouting from the rooftops!! What an incredible story!

Ok so it’s about Adrian, a male prostitute and Billie a reporter. Billie writes for a magazine set to do a piece on the life of a male prostitute. She however wants to see the man behind the gigolo persona. And between her digging and a tragic accident in Adrian’s life, she begins to see the man beneath…

Adrian was incredibly sexy. He’s lauded as the best in his business and at first meeting Billy could see why.

“I simply enjoy sex, enjoy giving pleasure, especially when the woman appears to have known so little in her life.” His black gaze dropped to her lips. “The sound of her cry at climax, the astonishment, the shatter of every pretense at that instant of ecstasy .. it’s nearly as satisfying to me as the experience of orgasm itself.”

At first I expected this to be just another super steamy ride but it turned out to be so much more. We got the story of Lucien, Adrian’s best friend, also a prostitute. Lucien was so unlike Adrian, so destructive, it was seriously sad to read. Yet it served as another way to bring Adrian to the realization that he was living a life he didn’t want anymore.

Billie on the other hand was determined to find out more about Adrian’s personal life. This relentlessness and her obviously sweet persona made Adrian notice her and start feeling much more than he thought he should. See Adrian had incredibly low self worth. He didn’t believe he could be worthy of a girl like Billie.

The man within him who could love Billie Cort didn’t exist. A hollow sensation expanded in Adrian’s chest as he released her hand and put a subtle distance of a few feet between them. For a little while, he’d nearly forgotten he had nothing to give anymore.

It was such an angsty ride. Of Adrian discovering himself beyond his chosen profession. Of acceptance. Of love.

“What are you doing to me?” He groaned against her lips, his voice feverish and hoarse. “Whatever it is, don’t stop. Don’t ever stop touching me. Don’t ever stop loving me…”

God it was such a beautiful story! I couldn’t possibly love this book more. I think it’s my favorite book of 2013 so far. Angst, hot-as-hell-steam, and love, love above all…

5 brilliant brilliant stars!

Amazon: The Fifth Favor by Shelby Reed


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12 Responses to Book Review – The Fifth Favor – Shelby Reed

  1. Lenette says:

    Sounds so good but i’m stunned & disappointed! This would have to be the first fictional book for me that is not available to download on the kindle! 😦

    • I just spoke to the author and the release day on kindle is November 5! 😦 That sucks but you can get the print version…

      • Lenette says:

        Wow, that’s a long time away considering the book is not that new but never mind, like you say, we can always get the printed version. Thankyou for looking into it & letting me know, I love your bookclub, always informative!

  2. Burbank Dodson & Barker -Tonya Allen says:


    Thank you so much for your reviews. I am a big fan! I follow your posts faithfully. I have a question on this review. I went straight to Amazon, as I do with all of your reviews, to buy the Kindle version. I noticed the book was published in 2008. Why is the Kindle version not going to be out until November, 2013? Thanks again.

    Tonya Allen

    • Thanks Tonya!

      I just spoke to the author about it and she confirmed that the Kindle version will be released in November. I asked why and I’m yet to hear from her. I’m as confused as you are but if I hear anything I’ll let you know!

  3. Ok so this is what the author said “The paperback was released by Ellora’s Cave Publishing in 2008. When the rights reverted back to me, I sold them to Berkley and Berkley is releasing paperback and digital versions in November. I know it’s a hassle. I never expected the book to have a resurgence!” So November people… but well worth the wait xx

  4. jeanniezelos says:

    what a shame – i’d love to have read it too but no kindle version 😦

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