Rants and Raves – Of Book Covers and Cover Models…

I know I know! I’ve spoken of book covers before. In fact it was my first ever Rants and Raves post. Today’s post was meant to be about something completely different but I’m having visitors later and I don’t have that much time to rant ūüôā

So back to the matter at hand. Candace, a Goodreads friend wrote this:

I keep seeing books from different authors with the SAME cover models in the SAME poses. WHY?! …Visuals are SUPER important!

Agreed! From my little bit of research it seems authors pay for the rights to use an image but not for the image itself. I get that,¬†but honestly I’m with Candace, I would much rather take a picture of a tulip, or my hot¬†neighbor’s¬†abs before using an already used cover. (I actually don’t have a hot neighbor but I’m sure I know someone who has one!)

The issue for me is not that I need visuals as much. I read on my kindle anyway so covers are not as important to me as they once were. BUT, as an author, I would want something that is uniquely mine.

So here we go; Same covers different books…

alloveryoufinal darkness awakened

Layla James had the same cover but clearly reconsidered… good call Layla! Though if I search hard enough I might find the second cover on other books…

one for me 2       TO     one for me cover 2 2

There’s also the use of the exact same photo with some creativity thrown it…

proposal 2 undressed 2 come 2

Of the three I’d say I like the last one best… everything from the title placing to the colors… looks good.

Then there’s cover models¬†Sztella Tziotziosz and P√©ter/Pepe T√≥th. Yes, I learnt their names because they feature in too many covers! Their most famous covers being the Lux Series by Jennifer L. Armentrout.


I love these covers actually. And I don’t mind same models-different pics. Fabio Lanzoni became popular appearing in hundreds of book covers in the 80s and 90s. I say why not make a career out of it!

Back to¬†Sztella and Pepe…

dangerous 2last stand 2existence 2dark 2

And here they are again…

hotter 2 ruined 2 heat 2 impulsive 2 matter 2 caught 2

That pic is actually quite cute but six covers? come on! And I’m pretty sure I missed some more…

Again, it would only bother me as an author. As a reader, not so much. To be honest, I always have my own idea of how characters look like and not once have they looked like the cover models.

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4 Responses to Rants and Raves – Of Book Covers and Cover Models…

  1. Nicole Laverdure says:

    As a reader, it bothers me a little! I read so much, sometime I notice the same covers on medieval romances too. I don’t like that at all. I have to read the back description, that it is not the same. honestly, I doesn’t appeal to me to read it….

  2. Cara Thereon says:

    It bothers me less as an author, but I also know (or its been beat into me) the importance of truly unique covers. It bothers me more as a reader, or I notice it at least. It’s more irritating than anything because surely there are other models or designs that would work to distinguish a book. Surely.

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