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I almost don’t have words … I… wow! After I was done I thought, this here is the reason I LOVE paranormal romance!

First things first, Phoebe is angry at her boyfriend Brian. She takes a walk to cool off and finds a club, Pravus. She’s not allowed in but a stranger, Seithe, says he’s with her and they enter. She notices something different with the people in the club but decides it must be a goth club, and anyway, she’s angry and in need of a drink. Seithe gets her the drink, she blacks out and wakes up to find herself naked, with Seithe performing some sort of sensual test on her… and the games begin…

This is dark paranormal romance. Seithe tested Phoebe to the extreme, his idea to open up her mind to what he says is a mediocre existence.

I stare with silently accusing eyes into his face. He’s mad. He’s totally loony. And for fuck’s sake I think I’m in love with him. And he’ll probably kill me sooner or later.

I have to admit I read the first 20% in a state of stunned confusion. I was just so unsure as to why she would trust Seithe. Especially since the things he was doing to her were so… intense! Ok so Seithe was hot…

This is the kind of man women will do anything for. We are shallow, but the gene pool preference instinct demands copulation with this type of male. And he’s an alpha with a capital A.

And when Seithe stopped being scary, and believe me he was, he became so endearing..

Love me. That’s all I ask of you. Don’t stop. Don’t let them get to you or interfere.

Then just when the light had gone on in this dark tale, we get Jowendrhan. Identical to Seithe, he wants Phoebe for himself, to love and yes, to protect. See someone has ‘marked’ phoebe and she may not survive what’s in store for her. Jowendrhan is convinced that Seithe cannot take care of Phoebe. I really wanted to hate Jowendrhan, unlike Phoebe I was sure which of the brothers I want 😉 but the best love triangles in my opinion are the ones that have you switching sides as you switch pages.

I look into his huge brown eyes, sparkling with moisture, “Phoebe, the Spirit is so strong in you. I don’t understand how you can let him dictate to you and control you… The Vampyre in me fights my human half. One half of me wants to kiss your feet and adore you, the other half just wants to fuck you broken.”

Yet it’s not just a love story. Seithe wants to make Phoebe stronger. To get her to rely on her senses and her intuition, something she takes for granted. But if she’s to survive their world and offer her dose of salvation, she has to learn to trust her most basic instincts.

Sigh this was such a good story! It’s about true love, trust, forgiveness, salvation …. just beautiful. It seriously messed with my head and my emotions. A complex dark journey but well worth it. I simply loved it! I can’t wait to read the rest of the series!

4.5 Stars!

Amazon: Seithe (Pravus Book #1) by Poppet


Finally i’d like to thank the author for providing this copy for my honest review.

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5 Responses to Book Review – Seithe (The Pravus Series Book #1) – Poppet

  1. Red says:

    Reblogged this on Red Hilda and commented:
    My favorite genre is dark erotica. I typically am not very interested in paranormal romance, but this ones premise seemed to depart from the norm enough to really be interesting.

    • I’m currently craving Dark Erotica… I have about 5 of them waiting for me…. so excited! Seithe is like a mix of dark erotica and paranormal romance though the latter is much more prevalent in the book. You should try it, I regretted waiting so long to read it.

  2. mrichards327 says:

    Thanks for the great review. I have just made Seithe my newest addition to the TBR list. Always enjoy perusing your site, a treat to be sure!

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