Book Review – Beyond Control (Beyond #2) – Kit Rocha

Back into the dystopian society of Sector 4!!!

We met Lex in Book #1: Beyond Shame. Tough, badass Alexa Parrino who you could consider to be the mother hen of Sector 4. She’s by now used to sleeping with Noelle and Jasper and if you’ve read Book #1, you know that sharing is caring in Sector 4 😉 Lex is however coming to the slow realization that she just might need something solid, a man to call her own.

Share– that was one thing she always did, without fail. It was the secret to maintaining the harmony in their little gang, sexual freedom and pleasure without jealousy. Lex had excelled at it, getting close but never too close. So what the hell had happened?

Dallas O’Kane on the other hand, is the leader of Sector 4. He never sleeps with a woman he hasn’t collared, so as much as he’s wanted feisty Lexie for years, he’s never slept with her. Until he gets the perfect opportunity to collar her.

At first I wasn’t sure why a man who loves ultimate control would be so interested in Lex. She’s definitely not a submissive, too brazen. But that’s just it about submission isn’t it? Someone like Lex who carries so much weight on her shoulders needing someone to take the control, the decision making, if only just in bed.

Control. Oh how she’d hungered to let go for a while, to have Dallas hold it all, but the way he spoke proved he didn’t know. Maybe not how much, or maybe not at all.

It was interesting how much they wanted the same thing yet they couldn’t bring themselves to admit it to each other. But how hot was it when they were together?! And this is Sector 4, so ‘together’ doesn’t always mean just the two of them.. threesomes, foursomes, sixsomes… so steamy I couldn’t even begin to describe it. Scenes so jaw dropping… no… panty dropping hot, you’d need a super power fan next to you!

But we also get to learn more about the politics in the Sectors. Sector 3 has no leader and there’s discussion as to whether the O’Kanes can salvage it, maybe expand boundaries. I really enjoyed reading about it, getting to picture this dystopian society. We got to see the opulence of Sector 2 and the decadence that is Sector 4. I love that with all the steamy scenes there’s still an interesting story, it felt a bit like Sons of Anarchy, just… more.

Additionally, we get other people’s stories; Ace, Cruz, Rachel, Six and Bren. A chapter dedicated to each and while I enjoyed this as a precursor to subsequent books, I almost almost skimmed those chapters to get back to Dallas and Lex. Especially when they both started showing some vulnerability.

“I need you to want me so much you can’t stand it. Can’t even stop.” He whispered three words that sent her crashing toward the edge. “I already do.”

I loved these two together. Absolutely loved it. Such a fight of wills, such angst, but in the end two people so meant to be together nothing could keep them apart.

Prepare yourselves for possibly the raunchiest, steamiest, kinkiest ride of them all. *Runs off to cool down*

5 stars!!!

Amazon: Beyond Control by Kit Rocha


Finally, I would like to thank Netgalley and Kit Rocha for providing this ARC for my honest review.

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11 Responses to Book Review – Beyond Control (Beyond #2) – Kit Rocha

  1. Cara Thereon says:

    I enjoy your reviews. Lots of people I haven’t read yet.

    • Thanks Cara! I enjoy finding new authors and relative unknowns, though Kit Rocha is neither, just a new pseudonym for 2 writers who’ve been writing together for years 🙂 Hope you check the series out! xx

  2. I cannot wait to read this book. Kit Rocha is an awesome writer and your review has made me want this book more 🙂

  3. jeanniezelos says:

    I’ve just reviewed this one too Jessie – like you i think its a fab sereis…and definitely Hot!

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