Book Review – Creed (Unfinished Heroes Book #2) – Kristen Ashley

What an intense love story! My kind of love story…gritty, heartbreaking, intense, beautiful… My heart hurt reading this story…that’s how emotional I got. Almost had me running out to find my childhood sweetheart!

Sylvie age 6 meets Creed age 11. They have something in common, they both come from broken families full of domestic violence. As soon as they meet, Creed takes it upon himself to shield Sylvie and he does this for years. Eventually as it is with best friends who only have each other, love blossoms but because of their age difference Creed wants to wait till Sylvie is 18. That age means a lot. They will not only be together together, they will also leave their messed up families behind and just be… together. But on the day of, Creed doesn’t show… 16 years later he shows up at her house…

I love how it was written. The flashbacks allowing us to see how they met and who they were before it was all taken away. Sylvie’s dreams which allowed  us to see what happened, how they were pulled apart. And of course there was present day.

I loved these two characters. I adored Creed! Everything about him, how protective he was, how loving he was, his more beautiful than any words tattoo…everything! (Sidenote: KA you’re killing me with these heroes you create! I have to keep reminding myself it’s all fiction before I’m ruined for actual men!)

And then Sylvie. I knew from reviews that she’s different from other KA heroines. I just din’t know how much I would love her! She’s badass! She also works for Knight Sebring (Knight Book #1) so you can imagine just how badass! Seriously my kind of heroine, strong, independent and quite possibly THE ‘Unfinished Hero’ in this story.

And their love…need for each other was just incredible!

I been dead for sixteen fuckin’ years, suckin’ in air and not gettin’ any oxygen until I sat down with Knight Sebring and he told me the names of his team. Then, finally, fuckin’ finally I was breathin’ again. And you know, don’t fuckin’ bullshit me, you know you been dead until you woke up that morning, rolled off your bed and aimed your gun at me. Try to deny it, Sylvie, but your tongue traced your name on our pier on my skin because you needed that. You need me.

This is a complex story, about love and loss and so much hurt in between. About two people who undergo the worst cruelty and come out on top.

His lips went to my ear. “They’re dead Sylvie. We’re here. We’re together. We’re breathin’ and they are fuckin’ dead.” I listened to  him pull in a breath before he finished, “We win.”

I loved it! I did feel like it stretched on too long in the end. Reading about the past was perfect for me but the present eventually became repetitive. I just felt like a lot of it was resolved fast enough and so it just kind of dragged on. Though there was the steamy sex to keep me entertained 🙂 and Creed was so utterly sweet I kept sighing…

If you love KA’s books, you will definitely love this one. I however feel like it was a departure from what the Unfinished Heroes Series was meant to be about. Creed could have easily been in the Dream Man Series. No, Creed is no Knight… but Creed is definitely the kind of man girls dream about.

4 Stars.

Amazon: Creed (Unfinished Heroes Book #2) by Kristen Ashley


One last thing to KA fans, Knight makes an extended appearance in the book! And so does Hawk Delgado. And now for those who haven’t read any KA books, though characters from her other books appear, you can definitely read this as a standalone.

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