Book Review – Comfort Food – Kitty Thomas

I’ve been in the mood for dark reads lately. Dark Erotica has always been one of my favorite genres, anything taboo with a warning? Sign me up! Imagine my happiness when I came across this one! I read the synopsis and the words Stockholm Syndrome and BDSM jumped out to me and I knew I had to read it!

Emily wakes up to find herself drugged, blindfolded and tied to a chair. Her captor comes in, gives her chicken soup and after her first bite, fondles her. She immediately recoils and he stands up to leave. That’s her first realization that this is a game. She has to allow him to touch her if she expects any food…

And so it begins, a psychological journey that is dark, twisted and everything in between. Yet I loved it, almost understood it. See Emily is what you’d call a social butterfly. Needs and craves social contact. Take that away and you get this;

On the first day I’d been willing to trade groping for food. I needed to be touched now..I had started to crave the gentle caresses that accompanied meals. I knew it was sick, twisted, but I needed to connect, to feel some sort of communication with him.

The book is so well written you live it with her. So that when she doubted her sanity I worried about my own…for understanding her choices. And then we get to find out about him…no name other than Master. I just couldn’t believe how well suited they were for each other…

If I have this dark need to have complete power over her, she has an equal almost pathological need to give it to me.

I want to mention fate other than…you know…psychotic behavior bringing these two together but I worry everyone will think I’m insane 🙂 He did kidnap her after all…and introduce her not just to BDSM…but the twisted world he had created. And yet again I understood it..

He didn’t want the illusion of control; he wanted actual control. That was something very different. No matter how women might fawn over him, what he wanted, what he needed, was something he could only get in this way.

Reading about the master I remembered Tony Soprano (The Sopranos) wondering what happened to the strong silent type. He reminded me of just that, he had so much control it was incredible. I will say that I probably will never understand Stockholm Syndrome and just like Emily in the book, only encountered it briefly in Psych 101 🙂 But I love reading about it and as long as it’s contained in fiction, I come close to understanding it. Or maybe it’s a testament to the author’s ability… making me root for these unlikely couples…

A brilliant read, my only criticism was that the book was so short which is the only reason I won’t give it 5 stars.

4 stars.

Amazon: Comfort Food by Kitty Thomas


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20 Responses to Book Review – Comfort Food – Kitty Thomas

  1. Lynn Booth says:

    Am i missing something?
    Everyone keeps saying this book is free on amazon but i can’t find it free in UK nor USA (im in UK but as not free thought i would check USA & see if thats what everyones referring to)

  2. Lynn Booth says:

    How can i sign up for a newsletter type update of all your reviews not just further comments for comfort food?

  3. Bennita says:

    Sounds interesting. I just downloaded it fom Amazon for free! It sounds a little like “As She’s Told”, which involves slavery. That was one book that caught me completely off guard. I was shocked the entire way through.

    • I’ve just googled it… I’m gearing myself to read “Break Her by BG Harlen” but “As She’s Told” sounds just as dark if not darker…should I be scared? I’m a little bit scared 🙂 But that just makes me want to read it!

      • Bennita says:

        I was scared! I just couldn’t imagine people really doing those things! It’s not a romance but the couple has some sweet moments. Without revealing too much, I’ll just say that DENIAL is a horrible thing!

      • I’ve just read your review of ‘As she’s told’ on Goodreads….sounds too scary…I’ll skip it…this one is dark…but not as dark as what you described…he never ever forces her…yes manipulates her into wanting what he wants but…he’s always respectful..if that’s a word you can use to describe a kidnapper…

  4. alilsnip says:

    oooo sounds great and it’s free? Thanks a lot.

  5. Athena says:

    I just started it this morning. Sounds interesting. I too wish some reads weren’t so short. Have a good day. A+

    • Hi Athena! My day has already been brilliant (Time difference, I’m in Continental Europe) and now sitting down with a glass of wine and a good book…so it just got better 🙂 Hope you enjoy yours!

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