Book Review – The Devil’s Eyes (Book #1) – Jennifer Loren

OMG! Yet another mind fuck! I haven’t had that since the Consequences Series by Aleatha Romig! Romantic Suspense just might be superseding Erotic Romance for my favorite spot!

First a synopsis: Kayla’s older sister Bray is the only family she has. Bray is the perfect older sister, working hard to get her little sister to college. That’s until she meets Nicholas Jayzon. Everything in Bray’s life spirals out of control until one day Kayla finds her dead. Determined to get revenge,  Kayla works up a plan and gets a job working as a stripper in Nicholas’ club. Nicholas is gorgeous, has every woman eating out of his hand, but he’s also involved in very criminal activities. Kayla knows just how to get to him, that’s if she doesn’t end up like all the other women…

I got this one from a Goodreads friend’s Favorites Bookshelf. Every recommendation I pick up from her shelf is always a 4 or 5 star read so I was very excited for this one. That was until I started it, it gave a whole new meaning to lowering your expectations. I was so disappointed by what I can only describe as grammatical inconsistencies. I felt like the author had not really decided which tense to write the book in. That actually really bothered me. I went back to Goodreads and I couldn’t believe all the raving reviews! Made me re-check whether I bought the right book!

At about 30% things looked up a bit. I will guiltily admit that it’s no coincidence that I started enjoying it just when the book started steaming up 😉 But that’s not all, though the writing still felt weird to me, it started becoming more like background noise.  At 50% I was still tempted to let this one go (a true testament to my indecisive nature) but then we got Nick’s POV! It was so sweet and surprisingly better written (or maybe by this point I had gotten used to the writing). Either way I stopped debating whether to give up on the book 🙂

At 60% I became glad I stuck it out! Its not just the relationship that develops between Nick and Kayla (I of course loved the steamy scenes) but you get drawn into this undercover criminal world that is complex and disturbing, yet you get so caught up, its like pure adrenalin rush! Nick was such an asshole in the beginning, he treated Kayla so badly I wondered if he’d ever redeem himself. But then he does and he becomes just perfect in my opinion…well as perfect as a criminal can be…

“I want you to come home with me.” He says cradling me and sighing as he leans his head against mine. “Come home with me Kayla. I want you … back in my bed, my house … my life.”

And then as if that isn’t enough, the stakes go higher. See, Nick’s dealings have made him countless enemies. He’s not only wanted by the cops, he also has rivals to deal with. And this all just escalates. I think I read the last 20% with my jaw on the ground. The drama, the secrets being slowly revealed… I actually re-read some scenes fearing I would miss something vital to the story. And then the end! Is it possible for eyes to water in shock? Mine did! I think I was relieved and shocked at the same time which trust me is a weird feeling!

Now I HAVE to get the sequel!

The first half of the book is a 2 star but the second half is a definite 4 star! So let’s settle for what? 3 star? Maybe 3.5…gah! I’ll rate it when I’ve calmed down!

Amazon: The Devil’s Eyes by Jennifer Loren

the devil's eyes

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