Book Review – Platinum – Jeffe Kennedy

So Althea works in a gallery that’s facing hard times. Steel (yes, that’s his name) walks into her gallery, initially looking to show his art but eventually offers Althea $10000 to use her basement to work on his art.

These two couldn’t be more worlds apart. Althea is a trust fund, charity balls kind of girl and Steel is…just Steel.

“Let’s just say that the men you date are white-wine spritzers, and Steel? He’s pure moonshine. Bad for you, illegal and packs a powerful punch.”

I mean, he has a noun for a name, i’m sure you can guess he’s not the kind of guy Althea normally goes for. Think biker guy, tattoo, nipple piercing..yeah, complete opposites. And that is what attracts her to him. Steel is so incredibly sexy! Plus he’s into bondage! Imagine my excitement at that…

I loved the scenes between these two. Its BDSM but nothing too heavy. And BDSM or not this book was hot! Steel drawing as he…wait, I probably should put that 18+ warning on my site that I’ve been procrastinating about before I say what Steel was doing 😉 Let’s just say Steel was sexy.

But again because of their backgrounds Althea feels the need to hide her relationship with Steel. That and Steel’s past (which admittedly could have been better explored) allowed him to show some vulnerability. I love it when a strong Alpha Male type is also vulnerable.

I have to say there was a hint of a good story line which basically got lost in all the sex. (Really really good sex but still…) Again Steel’s background, the author could have said more about it. Also Althea is albino but what of it? I understand Steel was fascinated but it had nothing to do with art in my opinion. The good thing is, the steamy scenes were done so well and Steel’s character so good that I ended up just enjoying the ride. I just swooned and sighed.

If you’re looking for really good character development with a well explored story line then this is not your book. If you are however in the mood for a hot biker guy, who’s into bondage and art and every steamy thing in between, then this is it.

3.5 Stars. I’m resisting giving it 4 stars just because I feel like it could have been so much better.

Amazon: Platinum by Jeffe Kennedy


Finally, I would like to thank NetGalley and Carina Press for providing this ARC for my honest review.

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