Book Review – Power Play – Charlotte Stein

I can’t tell you the excitement I get just before I start a Charlotte Stein book! I actually have some rituals which are too weird to elaborate in this post 🙂 but yes, I get excited.

So this one is about Eleanor (or Ms. Harding) who is Mr. Woods’ submissive. That is until Mr. Woods is fired and Eleanor is promoted. See Mr. Woods was also Eleanor’s boss. Eleanor has been eyeing Benjamin, who she thinks is ‘a bit of a mess.’ She fantasizes about ‘straightening’ him out, sort of like the way Mr. Woods ‘straightened’ her out. She’s a bit of a switch you see, though she’s never been a domme before, not until Benjamin.

I have to say its always a bit difficult to jump into Charlotte Steins books. She has such a unique way of writing that for some reason still takes me a few pages to get into. Which is weird because after those few pages I devour the book so fast. And when its done I almost feel sorry for the next book I read because I just know it won’t be as witty.

No. Today, i’m going to do ordinary things. Like speak to Aidan Harcroft about his promotion, for example. And then maybe speak to Anderson the doucheknuckle about his lack of one. All of which will go something like this, I believe: ‘Anderson, I know it’s a terrible tragedy I got the managing director position ahead of you. But if you just remember what an absolute toilet of a person you are, i’m sure you’ll understand why.’

I love her writing! And though I didn’t really have much to say about Eleanor, I fell in love with Benjamin. He’s basically the opposite of all those alpha male, possessive types I always go for in books. He’s a sub for one, and a masochist too and just…sigh…

I’ve never met a man as handsome as him who behaves the way he does. Who wears all of his expressions on his sleeve and puts a hand up his own cardigan and doesn’t seem aware that he’s utterly utterly lovely.

And have I mentioned the sex?! Its so incredibly kinky! I’ve only read femdom from Charlotte Stein so I have nothing to compare it to but the scenes she writes! I’m constantly fanning myself and almost physically restraining myself from doing lewd things! Yes I said it!

And then to make matters even better,she infuses so much humor and sarcasm to her writing that I find myself amused while still reading an extra steamy scene! I’m sure that sounds a bit off but it really isn’t. She does it so incredibly well. Like the scene where Aidan catches Eleanor having sex with Benjamin in the office.

(He) does not turn around and walk back out again, or offer his apologies, or express any kind of shock or outrage like a normal person. Instead he strolls right up to the sideboard in my office and pours himself a large scotch. As though what’s really happening here is some sort of insane invite cocktail party, and the attire was just listed as ‘smart/casual/anal sex.’

Ha! 🙂 And the end of that scene is just…wow.

And beyond all that kinkiness there’s still a romance story.

‘I’m not like he is you know…so if you want to run, run. I won’t sit on the side-lines and wait for you to slip away, like you never existed. I’ll fight for you, El. I’ll always fight for you.’

I just had one problem with the book. Which I have to mention. As you probably know Control by Charlotte Stein was one of my favorite reads of 2012. So while reading this I did feel like i’ve read these characters before. Eleanor and Benjamin are too reminiscent of Maddy and Gabe in Control. There were some differences of course but I felt like it was the same characters in a different setting.

I give it 4 stars.

If this was my first Charlotte Stein i’d probably give it a 5 but because of my one criticism above…I give it 4 stars.

Amazon: Power Play by Charlotte Stein


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