Rants and Raves – Of Discovering My Love for Erotica…

On Valentines Day I asked readers what their first Erotica/Erotic Romance book was. I got some really interesting answers which gave me an idea to trace where I got this intense love for all things erotica.

I’ve always been an avid reader. I remember begging my parents (who are not readers at all) to get me The Princess and the Pea. A story of a prince who wants to marry a princess but is having difficulty finding one πŸ™‚


From there I moved on to The Secret Seven and The Famous Five. Nothing remotely romantic though it did start my fascination with trying to solve mysteries πŸ™‚


Which led me to Nancy Drew, my favorite series growing up. It started innocently enough but eventually Nancy Drew Case Files became more romantic. From this:


to this:


I then moved on to Sweet Valley High which of course had just a bit more romance in it.


Finally I just jumped in…actually to the deep end because I remember reading a steamy scene and thinking wowza-what-is-this?! That was Mills and Boon.


Then I found a Jackie Collins my older sister had hidden in her closet. I’ve never told her how I would dig through to find her naughty books…I guess that secret’s out πŸ™‚


There was a scene in Hollywood Husbands that seriously shocked me! I might have been too young I admit…

Then I found Historical Romances. I fondly remember my favorite πŸ™‚


I can’t tell you how many times I re-read Frankly My Dear….I wonder if I would enjoy it now…hmmm..

Fast forward to the Fifty Shades of Grey craze…


…and there we have it.

I’ll end with my favorite Erotica book. This one deserves countless mentions! Broken by Megan Hart. Read my review HERE.


Feel free to comment below on your favorite Erotica/Erotic Romance books or trace your journey to Erotica or rave about your favorite OR rant about your least favorite πŸ™‚

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9 Responses to Rants and Raves – Of Discovering My Love for Erotica…

  1. My first erotica books were Red Sage Publishing’s Secrets Anthology http://eredsage.com/store/Secrets_Volumes.html Nice short stories to introduce myself. But then I jumped into the deep end with Anne Rice’s Sleeping Beauty trilogy. (Fifty Shades has been my least favorite, though I am intrigued at how its gone mainstream when so much other erotica is forced “underground.”

    • I think if you’ve read Anne Rice then Fifty Shades will definitely not be a good read. I’ve been meaning to read Anne Rice because to be honest I prefer darker erotica and the books have been described as such. But I do credit Fifty shades for bringing the genre back to the spotlight…

  2. Atypical Midwestern Librarian says:

    Mine started with the Nicky Charles Law of the Lycans free books on Nook. They were paranormal romance, I was 23 and I didn’t even realize that was a genre! I’m not big on strict erotica, but I love the romances with good scenes. I then moved onto the Black Dagger Brotherhood and eventually discovered my favorites, the Psy-Changeling series.

    Strictly erotica favorite? Hmmmm… probably Rush, by Maya Banks (if we’re going BDSM) or Bared to You by Sylvia Day.

    • The Psy-Changeling and Rush have to be my next books to read! I loved BDB andI liked Bared to You and have already downloaded the Lycans books πŸ™‚ Thanks AML! (Thats my new name for you) πŸ™‚

      • Atypical Midwestern Librarian says:

        Haha. I get that and Atypical. Rush is great erotica and I was pretty surprised that anything beat BDB until the psy-changelings. Honestly, I just LOVE that writing style where you read one character’s story and then the next. So fun.

  3. Jessy, this brought back memories for me. πŸ™‚

  4. Kristin says:

    My decent was far less gradual, lol, but I do recall always having a love for reading. Which changed once I went to undergrad and grad school I guess due to all of the required reading. Once I got out of school though and got back to reading I found myself accidently stumbling into the 50 Shades craze and it took off from there. I’ve never quite been able to get into the historical romances but love paranormal romances. Megan Hart is definitely one of my favorites, her book Dirty is probably my absolute favorite!

    • In Undergrad I forgot fiction entirely…probably to look more serious and also because of the required reading I ended up with too many historical non-fiction. In Grad school I stumbled into twilight of all books! And I was back…couldn’t get through the rest of the series but the first one got me back to fiction πŸ™‚

      Oh and I haven’t read another historical romance since high school!

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