Ever wondered what James was doing or thinking during “the break”? You know, when the infamous photos of Bianca and Damien made it to the tabloids? We get to find out thanks to this exclusive scene by R.K Lilley!! Then read on to see how to win an e-copy of Grounded (Up in the Air #3) by R.K Lilley on release day!




I checked my phone again, feeling pathetic. It was my birthday today, and all I
was hoping for was a text, and even that wasn’t likely. My mouth twisted bitterly when I
saw that she hadn’t responded to my latest inquiry about her welfare. She usually

I checked my computer. I had an entire network keeping tabs on her-sending me
every photo and scrap of information that they found. I was basically torturing myself,
because most of it was taking the form of petty tabloid gossip. Still, I looked.

The first picture I saw made my jaw clench. I gritted my teeth hard enough that
the sound of it filled my office. I had the childish urge to throw my computer across the
room in a fit, but I tamped it down. It wouldn’t make me feel better to break something.
Nothing would make me feel better, aside from hearing from her.

In the picture, Bianca was lying on a pool lounger, wearing a see-through black
cover-up with a little bikini under it. Her face was peaceful. She could have been
sleeping, in fact. It was his face that bothered me. Damien was sitting on a lounger
beside her, and he was staring at her breasts. Even in a picture, I could read his filthy

Mine, I thought savagely.

I clicked to the next picture rather violently. It was no better. Worse, in fact.
I studied the picture for a long time. I rubbed at my chest. It hurt. The picture
troubled me on a number of levels. She was with Damien again in the picture. They
were walking on the beach. Even the lighting was romantic.

They walked side by side, barefoot in the sand. They looked like a fucking
Hallmark card, and he was touching her.

Mine, I thought again.

Her expression was hard to read. She was wearing dark shades, but I could tell
that she was blushing. I didn’t know what to think of the look on her face. Again, it was
his face that made me want to break things. Namely, his face.

I was well aware that the man was infatuated with her. I’d known it from the first
time I’d met him. It actually pissed me off even more that he’d been nothing but polite to
me, as though I was her passing fancy, and he was content to wait me out. And that
was my fear…

When I looked at her, some part of me thought I’d walked into the most beautiful
love story. Looking into her eyes, I imagined that there was someone for everyone, and
that I had finally found my someone. It made me feel optimistic–and I began to dream
that even the severely damaged could have happy endings.

But when I looked at him, or them together, I felt my gut churn and doubt fill me.
Perhaps this was their love story, and I was just the passing fancy. I could see Bianca
thinking of our tempestuous affair as a brief passionate interlude before she set her feet
firmly back on the ground again, and found a normal guy. Would that be her happy
ending? Is that what would be best for her, in the end? I didn’t know the answer. All I
knew was that I wasn’t unselfish enough to let it happen without a fight.

I spent too long looking at that damned picture–that hand touching her. Abruptly,
I picked the computer up and threw it as hard as I could across the room. It hit the wall
with a satisfying crash.

I’d been wrong. I did feel a little better after breaking something.
Clark burst in the door, looking a little ruffled, though he quickly shook it off when
he saw the mess that used to be my computer. He looked between me and the iMac,
raising his brows. “Time for another workout?” he asked mildly. He was always happy
to hit the gym.

I nodded.

“I’ll have that taken care of,” he added, nodding towards the mess that used to be
my computer.

I just nodded again.

We were nearly to the elevator when my phone beeped at me. I checked it way
too eagerly.

Bianca: I’m doing fine. Please stop worrying about me.

It had taken her over six hours to text me back, but I was messaging within five
seconds of reading hers.

James: Thank you. I miss you desperately, Love.

As sad as it was, it made my day when she responded right away.

Bianca: I miss u 2.

I was smiling as we boarded the elevator.


Sigh 🙂 Love me some James!!!


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Congratulations Jacqui!

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142 Responses to EXCLUSIVE JAMES CAVENDISH POV + GROUNDED GIVEAWAY (Up in the Air Series by R.K Lilley)(CLOSED)

  1. Sara says:

    James- Paul Walker

    Bianca- Blake Lively

    Love both of them and think they would heat up the big screen!

  2. I would love to see Cam Gigandet & Claire Holt as James and Bianca

  3. I like Matt Bomer and I was thinking Claire Danes but she might be a little older for the part now. Blake Lively might be a good choice,

    Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  4. Kristin says:

    I don’t know if she is tall enough, but maybe Blake Lively for Bianca, and Jesse Spencer for James.

  5. Zita R says:

    Unfortunately I don’t follow actors much. Perhaps Chris Hemsworth would be good for James. As for Bianca? I don’t even know many actresses names especially young ones, Keira Knightly is the only one that comes to mind besides Kristen Stewart.

  6. jessiel62 says:

    Jesse Spencer or Liam Hemsworth for James & Tara Reid or Charlize Theron as Bianca. Thanks for the giveaway!

  7. noelle cruz says:

    hm well my choice has got to be scarlett johanssen for bianca and joseph morgan as james

  8. Wendy c says:

    Chris Pine, or Ryan Goshling, or Zac Efron

    Helena Mattsson, or Scarlett Johanson, or Maggie Grace

  9. Anonymous says:

    Blake lively and channing tatum

  10. Samantha says:

    Ashley Benson as Bianca and Joshua Bowman as James

  11. Anonymous says:

    Me as BIanca and my husband as JAMES.. hey a girl can only dream right.. lol i just love him that is all!! oh and i love your page =)

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