Book Review – No Turning Back (Kathleen Turner Series Book #1) – Tiffany A. Snow

Holy freakin batman I enjoyed this one! This is my first venture into the Romantic Suspense genre and to be honest I was a bit wary going into it. I usually go for super steamy erotic romance, and gun toting ex Navy SEALs hardly ever factor in that genre. However, a Goodreads friend really loved this one and since her Favorites Shelf is almost identical to mine, I thought i’d give it a go.

So Kathleen Turner has two jobs to make ends meet. During the day she’s a Runner for a prestigious Law Firm in Indianapolis, and at night she’s a bartender. One of the senior partners at the firm is Blane Kirk, an ex Navy SEAL, top shot lawyer with good looks to boot. Though Kathleen is attracted to him, she’s happier avoiding him seeing as their first meeting was a disaster that almost had her fired! Anyway, one night Kathleen finds her neighbor Sheila dead. She calls her only other friend who also happens to be Blaine’s secretary and that’s how Blane ends up on Kathleen’s side. However, things are even much more complicated than that and Kathleen is starting to wonder if she can trust anyone, including Blane himself.

I enjoyed the writing, really enjoyed it in fact. It also helped that Blane is so incredibly sexy (he reminded me a lot of two of my favorite fictional characters, Knight Sebring and Braden Carmichael). However at 30% I was still unsure about the genre, not the book mind you, it was interesting, I just found myself wishing for steamier scenes.

Luckily for me, my wish came true and things heated up, both in the bedroom and out of it. Sigh, Blane is so incredibly possessive so I was sold immediately! But that wasn’t all. You know how I loved Nancy Drew growing up and much later religiously watched Veronica Mars? Well the amateur sleuth in me kicked in  and I got excited trying to figure out all the twists and turns. Let’s just say Sheila’s murder is part of complicated scheme involving everyone you can think of.

I had read reviews and I knew there’d be a love triangle. But to be honest I just didn’t think Kade came anywhere close to measuring up to Blane. He was incredibly arrogant and rude. But then of course he had to turn mushy and make me like him. And of course his gift to Kathleen in the end. Sigh…

All in all, wonderfully written, I loved Kathleen just as much as I lusted after Blane. Don’t you just love it when that happens? When we enjoy the heroine just as much as the hero?! You know, the book took me back to the times I enjoyed John Grisham and Jeffery Deaver books. Just as dramatic but steamier. So that’s it, a new love for Romantic Suspense is born! I hear the second one is ever better so guess what i’m reading next?!

4 stars!

Amazon: No Turning Back by Tiffany A. Snow



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